F. Young Musicians as International Networkers


To draw upon the perspectives of young musicians, in higher education and beyond, so as to make systematic use of their views about how best to facilitate their access to professional opportunities and how to engage in new and innovative ways with contemporary audiences


The aim of this strand of the FULL SCORE project is to draw upon the fresh perspectives of young musicians to enrich the debate about the professional career field of music. It is intended to build ambitiously upon the AEC action plan for student involvement (2013) and to embed such involvement within AEC events and activities in the period 2014-2017.

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Activities and Outcomes

A Student working group (WG) was formed in September 2014 with representatives of student associations from AEC member institutions.  During the first two years of the project (2014-2016), the students have became gradually acquainted with the association’s work and activities. The aims and objectives of the group, as well as its role within the organization, have been debated and shaped by the group itself. 

Main activities of the FULL SCORE Student WG:

  • The members of the Student WG are fully involved in the preparation of the AEC events and activities by actively participating in the preparatory meetings held by the various AEC WGs, where the content of AEC events and projects is developed.
  • Travelled to Glasgow and Gothenburg to assist to the AEC Annual Congresses 2015 and 2016. For this first time in the history of AEC, during the Congress 2015, the students lead a panel discussion during the plenary session, where they introduced the work done by the group during the first year of the project, and reflected on the importance of student involvement in AEC member institutions. During the last Congress in Gothenburg, the student lead both a plennary introductory session and a breakout session (How to make sure that the students'voice is heard in your institution?). During the breakout session, students and managers of conservatoires held an active discussion exchanging ideas and sharing examples of effective practice to empower student representation in HMEis. 
  • Attended the PJP Platform 2016 in Rotterdam, where the Student WG was joined by a student delegation formed by 20 international and exchange students from the Netherlands. The students had a strong contribution in the PJP programme: They participated in both plenary sessions, they led some of the World Café groups, and they gave a final Student Statement at the closing session.
  • Contributed to the work of the AEC U-Multirank WG by providing feedback and suggestions from the students’ perspective with regard to the U-Multirank field-based indicators proposal developed by the WG. This collaboration has been significantly useful.  
  • Contributed to the work of the Board of MusiQuE - Music Quality Enhancement by providing feedback on the MusiQuE Standards for Institutional Review, Programme Review and Joint Programme Review from a student perspective. This contribution has been significantly useful.
  • Developed a database with the contact details of the Student Unions of the AEC member institutions, which aims at ensuring that students throughout AEC institutions become more familiar with the association, its activities and its potential benefits for them.
The Student WG is currently working on  a handbook  to enhance and improve Student Representation in Conservatoires. The handbook will include helpful guidelines on how to create a Student Union/Association and how to make student representation work efficiently in AEC member institutions, including good practice examples across Europe. The Student WG is planning to publish the handbook by the end of the FULL SCORE project, in September 2017!

You can find the name of the WG members below, as well as in which AEC Working Group are involved:


  • Ankna Arockiam (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow, UK) - Member of the Learning Outcomes WG
  • Sylvain Devaux (CoPeCo Master Programme) - Member of the Pop and Jazz Preparatory WG
  • Ruth Fraser (Royal Conservatoire The Hague, The Netherlands) - Member of the EMP WG and Multirank WG
  • Isabel Gonzalez Delgado (Conservatorio Superior de Murcia, Spain) - Member of the AEC Congress Committee
  • Angelina Konstantinou (Ionian University, Corfu, Greece) - Member of the EPARM WG
  • Saara Lindahl (Sibelius Academy – University of the Arts, Helsinki) - Member of the IRC Developmental WG

Please check the 'FULL SCORE Project Material' section to access documents and media related to the student working group.

If you wish to contact the Student WG, please  send an email to  aec.studentworkinggroup@gmail.com.


To find out more about the objectives and outcomes of the Student working group, here you find the Student WG Action Plan 2015-2017:

For more information about the Student WG's attendance and experience of AEC events, please find below their reports on the Annual Congress 2014 in Budapest, the Pop and Jazz Platform meeting in Valencia in 2015, and the EPARM Conference in 2015 in Graz:
The Student WG provided feedback on the MusiQuE Standards for Institutional Review, Programme Review and Joint Programme Review. Please find a summary of their comments here below: