Student Involvement in the AEC

The AEC Student Working Group

In the context of the FULL SCORE project, a Student Working Group (WG) was formed with representatives of student associations from AEC member institutions, which is now continued under the AEC-SMS project. The Student WG members attend AEC events, conferences and meetings and give feedback on the AEC's activities from a student perspective. You can read the Vision and Mission of the WG in the Student WG Manifesto

The main activities of the Student WG are: 
S Supporting the AEC member institutions: listening and helping out students and institutions willing to make changes to face their situation regarding student representation and finding the best possible solution to their problems. Promoting the Student Handbook and the advancement of student representation in Higher Music Education institutions among the AEC membership.
I Impact: connecting to institutions where student representation is not self-evident as well as to institutions where it is more advanced, having attention to the different needs. 
N Networking and connecting: connecting higher music education students and Student Representation Systems at an international scale, and creating links and relationships between people living in different contexts and experiencing different realities. 
G Acting Glocal: fostering the exchange of information, good practises, and ideas at an international level by creating links on a local level between different students. 
! Expanding the current AEC SWG mission: exploring the possibility of creating a European Association of Music Students!
The current Student WG members are:
Eline Accoe (Luca School of Arts, Belgium) - Co-Chair
Miranda Harmer (Leeds College of Music, UK) - Co-Chair, Member of the AEC-SMS Digitisation WG
Roberto Boschelli (Conservatorio di Cosenza, Italy) - Member of the AEC-SMS Transnational Mobility WG for IRCs
Siri Storheim (Norwegian Academy of Music, Norway) - Member of the AEC-SMS Learning and Teaching WG
Camilla Overgaard (Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg, Denmark) - Member of the AEC-SMS Entrepreneurship WG
Baptiste Grandgirard (Pole Alienor, France) - Member of the AEC-SMS Diversity WG

If you wish to contact the Student WG, please send an email to You can also reach them via the AEC Student Working Group Facebook page.
Becoming a WG member
Are you interested in becoming a Student WG member? In due time, a vacancy will arise and it will be posted on the AEC-SMS Strand 7: Involving Youth - Student’s input in shaping their education page - All students from AEC member institutions are very welcomed to apply!


MusiQuE - Music Quality Enhancement

MusiQuE - Music Quality Enhancement is an external evaluation body dedicated to the continuous improvement of the quality of higher music education across Europe and beyond and to assisting higher music education institutions in their own enhancement of quality. The AEC is recruiting students to join Review Teams in quality enhancement procedures organised by MusiQuE. You can find more information on how to be involved here.