Date: 24 - 26 September 2020
location: Rúa de Manuel Olivié, 23, 36203 Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain
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The Annual Meeting for International Relations Coordinators 2020 will take place at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Vigo, Spain, from 24 to 26 September 2020.

The meeting is meant for administrative or teaching staff members in Conservatoires who deal with international relations and European programmes (such as ERASMUS), as well as for institutions not familiar with these programmes, but with an interest in becoming involved.

The meeting is important for networking, exchanging useful information and for developing partnerships. With this annual meeting, the AEC is bringing together a growing community of International Relations Coordinators. The programme of the meeting, as well as other important documents and policies on the field of international relations of conservatoires, are the result of the collaboration between the AEC office and the IRCs Working Group

The IRCs Working Group: 

Christofer Fredriksson (University College of Opera - part of the Stockholm University of the Arts, Stockholm) - Chair
Sara Primiterra (AEC Events and Project Manager) - Working Group Coordinator and EASY project manager - Coordinator
Jan-Gerd Krüger (Prins Claus Conservatorium, Groningen)
Dimitrios Marinos (Athens Conservatoire)
Frauke Velghe (Hogent, Gent)
Esther Vinuela Lozano (Escola Superior Reina Sofia)
Jose Luis Fernandez (Conservatorio Superior de Vigo) - host
Roberto Boschelli (former student at Conservatorio Stanislao Giacomantonio Cosenza) - Student Representative

The AEC working groups members work on the preparation of AEC events on voluntary basis. The AEC Preparatory Working Groups are all formed by coopting active individuals in the relevant field of specialization within AEC member institutions. Proactivity, as well as geographical and gender balances are the applied criteria to guarantee the diverse and dynamic character of the groups, who should ideally recreate the diversity of AEC members institutions.

Working group members are financially supported by their home institutions, which cover their travel and accommodation expenses to the working group meetings and to the actual event. 

The IRCs Working Group, in collaboration with  the AEC office, decided to go ahead with the organization of the IRCs Meeting 2020. The event will take place in a hybrid format in order to let both those who want and can come to Vigo and those who cannot or will not be able to travel, to take part in the event in the most suitable way for them. Participants coming to Vigo will join the conference and the live networking moments (which will respect the social distance and hygenic measures required by the local authorities) and at the same time colleagues who cannot or do not feel confortable to travel and gather in groups will be able to access the content, the discussions and the online networking.

We would like to thank the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Vigo and in particular the Director Esteban Valverde and the IRC José Luis Fernandez for accepting this challenge and host this unique event in this time of uncertainity. Both the AEC staff and the Conservatorio's staff will make their best to deliver a good experience to both onsite and online audience within the given constraints.

The event will take place between Thursday 24th and Saturday 26th September. The onsite and online content will be slightly different. 
Here below some information about the event content and organisation:

- The EASY workshop will take place completely online as a webinar on October 1st. It will be organised in the weeks before or after the conference, so it will not be part of the conference programme as such. More information about this activity will be sent in the Summer.

- Two pre-conference seminars will take place, one online and one in presence:
Seminar 1 – The Well Being of International Students by Clara Barbera, representative of the AEC SMS working group 2 on Identity, Diversity and Inclusiveness - ONLINE ONLY 
Seminar 2 – Crisis Management by the IRCs working group - IN PRESENCE ONLY for participants coming to Vigo on Thursday 24th September in the morning.

Both the online and in-presence conference sessions will take place on Thursday 24th in the afternoon and on Friday 25th the whole day. Saturday 26th will be devoted to the networking activity for the participants coming to Vigo;

-  The Introductory session for first-time delegates will take place on Thursday 24th September from 13:15 to 15:15: there will be two separate sessions for participants phisically present in Vigo and participants connected remotely. Both sessions will be interactive;

- All plenary sessions happening in Vigo will be streamed in real time, so that both in-presence and remote audience will get the same content. Remote audience will be able to interact with what happens in Vigo;

- There will be different discussion groups and parallel sessions for the online audience and for the participants physically present in Vigo; more information about that can be found in the detailed programme 

- The Information Forum will be arranged as a set of video broadcasted in Vigo and online as a Video Gallery. Participants interested in sending a video they should indicate it in the Registration Form and send a video beforehand to

- Networking and matchmaking for the remote audience will be made possible thanks to the tools provided by the Whova app. Participants coming to Vigo will be able to interact during the networking moments including the optional networking activity that will take place on Saturday. Following the IRCs tradition, the IRC boat will bring the participants fo the 2020 edition to the Cies Islands (a separate fee applies);

- A participation fee will be required for both online (members early bird rate: 75 euro) and in-presence (members early bird rate: 195 euro) participation. The early bird deadline is 31st August, after this date fees will slightly increase. 


Ready to Change?
Digitisation, crisis management and green thinking for a sustainable future


IRCs’ Annual Meeting 2020 Teaser

The Annual Meeting for International Relations Coordinators (IRCs) 2020 will take place for the first time in a hybrid form -  meaning both online and in presence - at the Conservatorio Superior de Mùsica de Vigo, Spain, from 24 to 26 September. The big umbrella topic of this meeting will be the sustainability of internationalisation and mobility and will of course include sessions and discussions addressing the world pandemic crisis that impacted considerably our professional and personal lives in the recent months.
The sustainability of international collaborations is on the table more than ever, owing to the global epidemic preventing social interactions and international trips. However, this is only one of the numerous unexpected and concerning issues on a long list that has become self-evident only in recent times and that has been influencing the shaping of the new Erasmus programme 2021-27. The way we carry on and understand our international activities has undoubtedly changed. The digital revolution certainly plays a paramount role in this discourse, first and foremost, thanks to the possibility of exchanging data, information and experiences remotely, but not only.
The impact of international activities – with a considerable amount of necessary travel questioned by many institutions even before the Covid crisis – needs to be taken into consideration when shaping future collaborations, as well as all the uncertainty related to travel during the ongoing and forecasted pandemics. Is the travelling indeed unavoidable? How could international relations be promoted in an increasingly digital world lacking in face-to-face communication? All these questions will be discussed in-depth during the Annual Meeting 2020.
Once we think about the environmental crisis, one could raise the question about the environmental impact of internationalisation of higher music education and the possibility to mitigate the negative consequences of our international activities. Voices have been raised, saying that even the day-to-day running of international offices could set a good example and change the mindset of people shaping the sustainable future. During the IRCs’ Meeting 2020 in Vigo, Jeanine Gregersen will give an inspirational and insightful speech about the concept of sustainability of higher music education, following the commitment of the IRCs community to an holistic sustainable approach to their activities expressed in the IRCs Manifesto 2020 and accompanying video that all participants of the event are warmly encouraged to get familiar with before the event.
The Erasmus programme is also following this path. The green aspect of the new edition of the programme has been already announced, and in Vigo we will hopefully have a video contribution from the EU Commission speaking about it[1]. However, not only Erasmus is going greener, it also wants to become more technological and more accessible or, to be precise, more sustainable for the planet and for the people. The “Erasmus Goes Digital” motto has been repeated by the European Commission over the last month in an almost scaring way (“if you are not digital yet, you are already too late!), and it refers to the progressive digitisation of Erasmus procedures (with the introduction and the progressive obligation to use official digital documents to manage mobilities, such as the Inter-institutional Agreement Online, the Online Learning Agreement, the digital nomination, etc.) but also to the recognition of a blended mobility as a form of a recognized mobility. Therefore, distance learning technologies such as LoLa, that has been experimented by the Erasmus Strategic Partnership Project SWING, are likely to become the protagonist of the next generation of international collaborations. The SMS working group 5 on Learning and Teaching will present in Vigo the outcomes of the SWING experimentation. Along with the SMS working group 6 on Digitisation, the discussion about the current and future possibilities that technology can offer to music education will be opened without forgetting the downsides of technologies, mostly associated with the techno pollution, or the scepticism about the positive impact of substituting trips with technologies on our environment. On this topic, and following the success of last year speaker Peter Majanen who gave a speech on the Future of Internationalisation, this year a representative from HUMLAB, Umea University, Sweden, will speak about the possibilities that artificial intelligence could open up to our sector.
Technologies applied to internationalisation could also help to overcome traditional socioeconomic barriers to mobility. It is not a secret that, despite the Erasmus grants, not every student can afford a semester or more abroad. The financial barrier leads to criticism of the Erasmus as an elitist programme[2], yet technologies could help to address this problem, as it is not anymore necessary to travel and move in order to follow courses of international professors or to play with fellow students abroad. The benefits that students can get from digital interactions, the inclusiveness of higher music education and the accessibility of education for disadvantaged groups of the population (minorities, refugees etc.) will be also raised up during the Annual Meeting with a presentation of projects promoting interactions between different cultures through music.
Finally, before the Vigo Meeting two seminars aimed at discussions on the mental health of international students and the crisis management will be organised:
The first pre-conference seminar on The Well Being of International Students will be held completely online by Clara Barbera, representative of the SMS working group 2 on Identity, Diversity and Inclusiveness. It will be devoted to the issues of depression, social anxiety and self-esteem concerns that students are facing today. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss possible ways to address the mentioned problems and feasible strategies to support the mental health of international students.
The second pre-conference seminar on Crisis Management will be held in Vigo by the IRCs’ working group and chaired by Christofer Fredriksson. It will shed some light on the possible ways to address the crisis stemming from the coronavirus epidemic, and the consequential use of digital tools and online teaching methods in higher music education. Best practices and examples, as well as challenges institutions had to face will be shared during the in-depth discussions, while various mobility solutions and the management of emergencies in general will be at the core of this seminar.
We expect that the seminars and the conference sessions offered  within the 2020 IRCs Annual Meeting framework will provide food for thought for all of us, thus helping everybody not just to understand various sides of the higher music education sphere and internationalisation related problems, but also to elaborate strategies for mitigating the negative outcomes of the crisis and discovering the new ways for making the experience of students and professors more enriching and “global”.
[1] There has been an obligation for all higher education institution to mention their green policy when applying to the ECHE (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education), the document needed to take part into Erasmus actions
[2] The AEC has participated to the EUF’s campaign #Erasmus500 to advocate about a 500 euro monthly grant to Erasmus music student

Ready to Change?
Digitisation, crisis management and green thinking for a sustainable future


AEC IRCs Meeting 2020 
join the first AEC hybrid event!



Thursday 24th September – Pre-Conference Seminars 

ONLINE 9:00 - 10:30 Seminar 1 – The Well Being of International Students by Clara Barbera, SMS working group 2 on Identity, Diversity and Inclusiveness 

IN PRESENCE 11:00 - 12:30 Seminar 2 – Crisis Management chaired by Christofer Fredriksson, by the IRCs working group

12:30 – 13:15 Networking Lunch for Seminar Participants in Vigo


Thursday 24th  September – IRCs Meeting

11:45 Registration Open, refreshments, networking time - In presence only

12:30 – 13:00 Tour of the Conservatorio - In presence only

13:15 – 14:15 Introductory Session for first-time delegates - ONLINE and IN PRESENCE (two separate sessions)

Presentations by Dimitrios Marinos and Frauke Velghe
Followed by group discussion moderated by experienced IRCs

14:30 – 15:15 Opening Event - STREAMED

Music introduction

Welcome words by:
  • Esteban Valverde, Director of the Conservatorio Superior de Vigo
  • Spanish Erasmus National Agency
  • Christofer Fredriksson, IRC working group chairman
  • Stefan Gies, AEC Chief Executive

15:15 – 16:00  AEC Talk 1 - STREAMED

“How to shape a sustainable future” by Jeanine Gregersen

16:00 – 17:00 Discussion Groups - IN PRESENCE and ONLINE

Putting together a concrete list for an “Engaged Conservatoire” - discussion groups on green policies and sustainability strategies
5 Rooms Online
5 Rooms in Presence

17:00 – 17:30 Networking with Refreshments / Online Break or Matchmaking

17:30 – 18:45 Updates about EASY and Information Gallery - ONLINE and projected on stage

pre-recorded presentations

18:45 – 19:30 Concert - IN PRESENCE only

19:30 - Welcome Dinner - IN PRESENCE only


Friday 25th September - IRCs Meeting

10:00 – 11:00 AEC Talk 2 - STREAMED

Music Introduction
Digital solutions 2020 for learning, teaching, interaction, assessment & course design Methodologies and technologies to optimise your online environment during and after Covid-19 by Satish Patel, representatives of Humlab
Q&A moderated by Christofer Fredriksson, Uniarts Stockholm, IRCs working group member with members of SMS working groups representatives from groups 5 (Learning and Teaching) and 6 (Digitisation)

11:00 – 12:00 Discussion Groups on Digitisation - ONLINE and IN PRESENCE

5 Rooms Online
5 Rooms in Presence

12:00 – 12:30 Networking with Refreshments  / Online Break or Matchmaking

12:30 – 13:30 Parallel Sessions - ONLINE and IN PRESENCE according to the session

  1. Community projects: being international at home by integrating other cultures at local level moderated by Esther Vinuela IN PRESENCE
  2. The SWING Project – experimenting and establishing a framework that enhances transnational learning opportunities through the use of the LoLa technology, presentation by representatives of the SMS working group 5 on Learning and Teaching STREAMED
  3. Digital Didactics: Student experience during the pandemic ONLINE
  4. MusiQuE – linking internationalisation and quality assurance, presentation by MusiQuE staff members ONLINE
  5. How will employability would look like after this crisis? Discussion based on Diana Tolmie’s article moderated by Jan-Gerd Krueger IN PRESENCE (the reading of the article is compulsory to take part in the discussion)
  6. Building a Shared Road Map for Sustainability and Green Strategies by Dimitrios Marinos, IRCs working group IN PRESENCE

13:30 – 15:00 Networking Lunch / Online Break


15:00 – 15:30 AEC Talk 3 - STREAMED

Music introduction
Erasmus 2021 – outlines of the new programme presentation or video message by a representative of the Erasmus Unit at the European Commission

15:30 – 16:30 Panel Discussion - STREAMED

Panel discussion on Distance Learning, Blended Mobility, Sustainability and Green Strategy based on the live statistics collected on the spot with Whova
 with Dimitrios Marinos, IRCs working group, Susanne Van Els, SMS working group 5 on Learning and Teaching, a representative of SMS working group 6 on Digitisation and keynote speakers, moderated by a representative of the IRCs working group

16:30 – 16:45 Closing and announcement of IRCs Meeting 2021 - STREAMED

16:45 – 17:45 Discussion Groups on Feedback - ONLINE and IN PRESENCE

5 Rooms Online
5 Rooms in Presence


Saturday 26th  September - IRCs Meeting,  IN PRESENCE only

Networking Activity: exchange of good practices and information in an informal setting

Half a day trip to the CIES islands 10:00 to 15:00


Information on the Participation Fees 
Early Bird Deadline: 31st of August 2020

 Participation fees can be paid in the following ways: 
-  Manual Payment by Bank Transfer before the event (preferable)
-  Ideal, Credit Card, Paypal and Bankcontact Systems Online
-  Manual Payment (cash on the spot in Vigo)
-  Manual Payment (by Credit Card in Vigo)

Please note: Only the full price of participation fees is accepted (no early bird price) for manual payment by either cash or credit card in Vigo.

 For more information and special invoice requests please mail    

PLEASE NOTE that the price below are considered without VAT. The cost of the VAT will be added in your invoice according to the VAT status you declare in the registration form.

ONLINE Participation
Payment and Registration BY August 31st
ONLINE Participation
Payment and Registration AFTER August 31st
IN PRESENCE Participation
Payment and Registration BY August 31st
IN PRESENCE Participation
Payment and Registration AFTER August 31st
Representative of AEC member institution (staff) 75 euro
+ 15 euro (pre-conference seminar)
115 euro 
+ 15 euro (pre-conference seminar)
195 euro 
+ 40 euro (pre-conference seminar including lunch)
+ 35 euro for the networking trip on Saturday 

300 euro
+ 40 euro (pre-conference seminar including lunch)
+ 35 euro for the networking trip on Saturday 
Representative of a non-AEC member institution 175 euro 
+ 15 euro (pre-conference seminar including lunch)
215 euro 
+ 15 euro (pre-conference seminar)

395 euro 
+ 40 euro (pre-conference seminar including lunch)
+ 35 euro for the networking trip on Saturday 

500 euro 
+ 40 euro (pre-conference seminar including lunch)
+ 35 euro for the networking trip on Saturday 
Student from an AEC member institution 40 euro
+ 15 euro (pre-conference seminar)
80 euro 
+ 15 euro (pre-conference seminar)

100 euro
+ 40 euro (pre-conference seminar including lunch)
+ 35 euro for the networking trip on Saturday 
150 euro
​+ 40 euro (pre-conference seminar including lunch)
+ 35 euro for the networking trip on Saturday

The participation fee to the IRCs Meeting IN PRESENCE includes coffee breaks and organized lunches and dinner (see programme)

 NB:The rates do not include the participation fee of accompanying partners (25 euros per meal, 35 euro for the networking activity) such as family members, which will be paid on the spot. 
The participation fee will not be reimbursed for cancellations notified after August 31, 2020.
Bank details for payments
BNP Paribas Fortis
Account Holder AEC-Music
IBAN: BE47 0016 8894 2980

When making the transfer, please clearly quote:​Code of the event (IRC 2020)    
Last name of the participant
Name of your institution (if fitting)
Example: IRC 2020, Smith, Gotham Conservatory
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Registration Form IRCs Meeting 2020, 24-26 September, Vigo and Online


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Go to: video documents


The AEC Annual Meeting for International Relations Coordinators

The AEC Annual Meeting of International Relations Coordinators: Who we are, What we do, Where we want to go. The video has been made by the International Relation Coordinators (IRCs) working group to accompany the IRCs Manifesto 2020. The interviews have been recorded during the annual meeting in Prague in September 2019 and during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020