Internal Quality Assurance

The Polifonia Tuning working group, active from 2004 to 2007 with the second Polifonia project cycle, has developed a "Handbook for Internal Quality Assurance in Higher Music Education" available here.

This handbook is meant to be a short guide for conservatoires wanting to develop a system for internal quality assurance. It does not have the ambition to be a complete introduction into the world of quality assurance, with its many different sorts of systems and its elaborate and sometimes confusing jargon, but explains in the first four chapters in a simple way the main elements of a possible internal quality assurance system. In chapter five it gives some practical assistance by presenting a simple procedure which might be used in developing a first system for internal quality assurance, and by presenting concrete materials used by various conservatoires all over Europe.

The handbook was written for people working in a conservatoire with a good overview of the institution (possibly with management responsibilities such as a head of department or a director) or for staff members who are, on behalf of the management, asked to develop an internal quality assurance system.

The Polifonia Tuning working group also investigated existing systems for internal quality assurance in institutions for professional music training. Using the questionnaire below, the group provided insight in the different ways in which European music institutions have organised their system for internal quality assurance.