Language development


Language skills are vital in the process of integration and access for newly arrived students. This section of the website highlights a list of initiatives related to language learning of refugee students:

The Integra Project 

The Migrant Integration Kit developed by INTEGRA contains financial terminology, a financial glossary, and sources of financial information that assist migrants by equipping them with the most useful social and financial phrases. The INTEGRA project answers one of the vital needs of emigrants who benefit from work and travel mobility in new political and economic conditions, which is the need to communicate and to solve survival issues among which the financial ones come top of the list.

Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support

100,000 Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support licences for language assessments and the same number of licences for online language courses will be available to refugees over a period of 3 years within a specific framework, starting from summer 2016.
Erasmus+ National Agencies and beneficiary institutions will be kept duly informed about the concrete implementation of this initiative. You can find more information on Erasmus + Online Linguistic Support for refugees here.