Work & Policies


The work of the AEC is guided by its Aims and Objectives. These comprise providing support and information for members, organising events and opportunities for networking, building external links and engaging in advocacy. As a European association, working for higher music education, AEC engages in the achievement of these aims and objectives primarily within the European sphere. At the same time, many of the issues with which the Association deals, and upon which it generates policy statements, are relevant to higher music education wherever in the world it takes place.

Inevitably, developments in European higher education as a whole have a strong influence upon the specific work undertaken by AEC, and upon the policies which it develops.

In 1999, the European ministers in charge of Higher Education convened in Bologna to sign a Declaration with the intention to create a 'European Higher Education Area' by the year 2010. Professional music training, which has gradually been integrated into the national higher education systems during the past decades, is also strongly influenced by these developments. In order to create understanding for the rationale and background of the Bologna Process and to assist institutions with the reforms that are a result of this Process, the AEC has initiated several information activities. The AEC offers information on all the topics of the Bologna Process. You will find these topics in the submenu to this section.