Professorship in artistic research in music

Job offer:

University Professorship in Artistic Research in Music based on § 99 of the university law and § 25 of the collective agreement for university employees, in the form of a fulltime contractual position, limited to five years. An extension of the position is only allowed after complying with the appointment procedure according to § 98 of the university law. It is possible to agree to an overpayment of the minimum monthly contractual salary, which has been determined by the collective agreement and which at present is € 4,891.10 brutto (14 payments annually).

Job Description

  • Job type/category: Researcher/Fellow
  • Minimal education: Doctorate
  • Location(s): Austria
  • Language requirements: English, German
  • Working language(s): English, German

Deadline for application

  • 31-05-2017

Files to download

  • download prof-artistic-research-in-music-graz.pdf

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