Lecturer in Lied

Job offer:

The University of the Arts Helsinki is an international forerunner in education and research in the field of arts and solidifies the arts as a force that reforms society. The University of the Arts Helsinki’s wide selection of programmes in the field of arts and productive dialogue between teaching and research make the University of the Arts Helsinki a unique university on an international scale.

At the University of the Arts Helsinki, you will be part of a diverse and vibrant community that fosters our artistic heritage and provides society with new perspectives and energy. The University of the Arts Helsinki was launched in 2013 upon the merging of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy, and Theatre Academy Helsinki. The Sibelius Academy is the highest-level music educator in Finland, training artists skilled in independent artistic work, teachers, and other music professionals.

Sibelius Academy is opening the post of


for a fixed term post of five years during the period of 1 August 2019 – 31 July 2024. The fixed nature of the contract is based on the need for flexibility, as set by the demands to continuously develop education and reform teaching.

The Lecturer will work in the Department of Vocal Music in Helsinki, one of the ten departments of the Faculty of Classical Music. More information about the department can be found via the University of the Arts Helsinki website: https://www.uniarts.fi/en/study-options/classical-music-performance-voice

Tasks of the Lecturer

The Lecturer’s total annual working time amounts to 1,624 hours, including 455 hours of contact teaching. The primary teaching tasks of the Lecturer are:
  • teaching lied and other classical singing repertoire to students of vocal music;
  • teaching tasks in group subjects such as lied studios;
  • teaching lied duos to major students of piano music and vocal music; and
  • taking part in teaching seminars
  • performing lied music and opera and oratorio tasks with students at Sibelius Academy’s concerts and level descriptions on all university teaching levels;
  • working as the pianist at vocal music entrance examinations;
  • working as the pianist in master classes;
The Lecturer’s tasks also include participating in the evaluation of completed courses and student admissions. In addition to teaching tasks, the Lecturer will actively participate in planning, organising and developing lied education and the related artistic work. We expect the Lecturer to be well connected with instances in their field. He or she will actively monitor the development of their field, participate in the department’s meetings and work groups, and when necessary, the work of the University of the Arts Helsinki’s administrative bodies and other development work. Carrying out the assigned tasks in full will require, in general, working weekly with students.

Selection criteria

We expect you to have excellent piano playing skills, extensive performance experience, strong and wide-ranging knowledge of vocal music (lied, oratorio, opera), versatile experience in musical collaboration with singers, diverse knowledge of different periods and command of the German language. Knowledge of other most common singing languages of the classical repertoire as well as strong cultural knowledge of the classical repertoire are seen as advantages.

Teaching experience and skills, along with the willingness to support students in their studies are also of primary importance. Carrying out the tasks of the post successfully requires also good cooperation skills and the willingness to develop activities together with other teachers and departments as well as students.

We require that you have a suitable higher university degree. Strong experience acquired from practical work along with particular artistic merits may, however, compensate for a missing degree. A suitable doctoral degree, teacher’s pedagogical studies, proof of expert tasks and positions of trust requiring collaboration and organizational skills as well as international networking will be considered advantages.

Based on applications and other available information, the university will call the strongest applicants for a separate demonstration of proficiency, where we will evaluate each candidate’s commitment, aptitude and competence in relation to the post of Lecturer and the demands of the working environment. The demonstration of proficiency will be arranged in Helsinki 3 June 2019.

Language proficiency

The teaching languages of the Sibelius Academy are Finnish, Swedish and English. From Finnish applicants, we require excellent Finnish or Swedish language skills and good command of English. From non-Finnish applicants, we require strong English language proficiency. Skills are evaluated in relation to the tasks of the post and assessed in a proficiency demonstration. The dean may decide to deviate from language proficiency requirements.

Teaching and research personnel are required to present one of the following certificates of proficiency in Finnish or Swedish:

1) A certificate signed by a member or deputy member of the State Board of Language Examinations, or in another manner prescribed by the Decree on the Demonstration of Knowledge of the Finnish and Swedish Languages in State Administration (481/2003) (e.g. by passing the language test included in the basic curriculum of a university-level institution);

2) A certificate issued by a professor, assistant professor, or lecturer who teaches the language in question at a Finnish university-level institution;

3) A matriculation examination certificate indicating a pass in the language in question.


The salary is determined in accordance with the salary system of Finnish universities. The demand level of the post is on level 5–6. In addition, a personal salary component will be paid. The monthly salary at the beginning of the employment will be approximately EUR 3,100–4,100.

Selection procedure

On the basis of the proposal by the recruitment committee, the Vice Dean, Classical Music will decide which candidates will be invited to the demonstration of proficiency. After the demonstration, the recruitment committee makes a selection proposal. The Faculty Council comments the proposal, and thereafter the Dean of the Sibelius Academy makes the decision on the appointment of the Lecturer. The selection procedure is expected to conclude in June 2019.

How to apply

The application period concludes on 9 May 2019 at 3:00 pm. Please address your application to the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, and send it via email along with attachments in pdf format to siba.kirjaamo(at)uniarts.fi with the title “Lecturer in Lied”. You will then receive an acknowledgement of receipt via email.

Your application must include the following (as a single pdf document):

1. A letter of application

2. CV and/recruitment portfolio. Instructions to recruitment portfolio: https://www.uniarts.fi/sites/default/files/Instructions%20for%20creation%20the%20recruitment%20portfolio.pdf

3. Degree certificate

Prior to the compiling of the employment contract, the successful candidate for the post must provide official copies of required degree diplomas and language proficiency certificates.

The University of the Arts Helsinki plans to implement tenure tracks for the teaching and researcher staff during 2019. The University of the Arts Helsinki’s tenure track system will consist of professor and lecturer tenure tracks. The University of the Arts Helsinki reserves the right to evaluate the open position’s placement on the tenure track upon the completion of the tenure track criteria. In this recruitment, the possible next stages in the career path include University Lecturer or Teacher.

Without jeopardising the uniform treatment of applicants, the University of the Arts Helsinki reserves the right to leave a position unfilled or continue the application period.

  • For further details concerning the advertised post, please contact Head of the Department Sirkka Parviainen, tel. +358503470481 or via email firstname.lastname(at)uniarts.fi.
  • For further details concerning applying and the application process, please contact also HR Officer Katja Vento, tel. +358 40 710 4213 or via email firstname.lastname(at)uniarts.fi.

Job Description

  • Job type/category: Academic
  • Minimal education: MA
  • Minimal experience: 3 - 5 Years Experience
  • Location(s): Finland
  • Other location: Finland
  • Language requirements: English, Finnish, Swedish
  • Other language requirement: German, French
  • Working language(s): English, Finnish, French, German, Swedish
  • Other working language: Multilingual applicant

Deadline for application

  • 09-05-2019

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