AEC Student WG Handbook: Increasing student voice in HME institutions

The AEC Student WG was formed in September 2014 with students, experienced in representation and student affairs, from various AEC member institutions. From 2014 onwards, the Student Working Group members have attended many conferences and seminars, and have spoken with Directors and students from countless institutions to find the most important topics that relate to all. 

In early 2016 the SWG began researching different styles of Student Representation Systems (SRSs) throughout the AEC community, and approached institutions to ask what problems they faced and how they overcame them with the thought that their experience could help other institutions in similar circumstances. Thus this Handbook was born with a large focus on a Troubleshooting section and how students and institutions can work through these issues together using the experience of others, including good practice examples across Europe. 

Handbook: Increasing student voice in HME institutions. Tips and guidelines from the Student WG

Supportive materials

The following documents have been taken from various sources as a guide to help institutions set up or improve their Student Representation Systems (SRS), or to help enshrine them in the strategic plan and institutional charter. Whilst this appears to be a complete list of documents, additions and amendments will be included online as time goes on; the SWG is constantly seeking to gather more good practice examples from institutions and individuals.