Models of Good Practice


Geographically representative site visits and interviews  with key actors in the field as to what constitutes innovation and training for entrepreneurship demonstrate a multiplicity of approaches in which specific socio-economic, cultural and political contexts all play a significant role.

Within higher music education, the examples cited - while far from being exhaustive - range from integrated curricula to interdisciplinary approaches across higher education or higher arts education, as well as "incubator" approaches to supporting young artists.

Within the music profession, while the challenges may vary in different countries, leadership, a strong artistic vision and strategy all prove indispensable to entrepreneurial success.

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Alongside its work on audience development within FULL SCORE, the AEC has been active in promoting the concept of Creative Entrepreneurship among its members through the AEC yearly events.
An example of this can be found in the FULL SCORE Bulletins,  produced after the AEC Pop and Jazz Pltform meetings. These publications are a reflection about the needs of young and upcoming artists to find their own voice and survive in the globalised business of music.

Here you find the bulletin from the PJP in Valencia, available in three languages: