European Overview


Five geographic models of entrepreneurship and innovation across Europe have been identified, taking into account education from the primary to university level, partnerships, mentoring, and funding for culture. 81 Responses were received to the survey on entrepreneurship training conducted of the AEC members in January 2013. While answers reveal general trends regarding training for entrepreneurship in different countries, it is important to note that some models, particularly that of  Eastern and Central Europe, are very heterogeneous.

  • Anglo-SaxonUnited Kingdom, Ireland
  • ContinentalGermany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, France, Switzerland
  • Mediterranean: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey
  • Eastern and Central Europe: Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Moldova, Slovenia, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Ukraine, Bulgaria
  • Scandinavian: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland

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