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European Resources, Cultural Trends, Policy and Statistics

Compendium, Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe 
Masters in Europe 
Eurostat, Culture Statistics


European Commission:
- Eurydice, European Commission, Entrepreneurship, Education at School in Europe : National Strategies, Curricula and Learning Outcomes
- The Economy of Culture in Europe (2006)
- The Economy for Culture in Europe (2007)

European Parliament, Financing the Arts and Culture in the European Union
Association of professional wireless production technologies: Study on social and economic benefit of European, Austria and German Art, Culture and Creative Industry

EFAH: Report on the State of Cultural Cooperation in Europe, For the European Commission Directorate-General for Education and Culture

ERICarts: Comparing Culture and Media Labourt Markets in Larger European Regions and the Influence of Public (State) Intervention

A Soul for Europe: Public Expenditure on Culture as a % of GDP

Documentary Ressources related to Geographic Models
Anglo-Saxon Model

Arts and Culture in UK 
Supporting the Arts in UK:
Supporting vibrant and sustainable arts and culture
Making sure the National Lottery operates effectively and that funding for good causes is distributed properly
Arts and culture worth more than £850m to UK export trade
Arts Council in UK 
Arts and Culture Budget in UK 
Deloitte study : Business to Arts – Private Investment in Arts and Culture, Survey Report, 2008
The Higher Education Innovation Fund

Continental Model

The Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture 
Statistics Austria 

Cultural Budget in Belgium 

Cultural Budget in France 
Entrepreneurship in France 
French Cultural Budget vs German Cultural Budget 

Public and Private Funding of Music in Germany
Berlin’s Funding for Artists and the Arts
Berlin UDK Career Centre

The Netherlands:
Dutch budget cuts 
Dutch dance loses out as Netherlands slashes funding
Dutch organisation for cultural entrepreneurship
Dutch Creative Council (in Dutch)

Switzerland: Financing Culture in Switzerland 
Traumberuf Musiker: Herausforderungen an ein Leben für die Kunst, interviews with 40 alumni relative to "what musicians missed studying..." (in German)

Mediterranean Model

Cultural Budget in Italy
Private funding for culture in Italy (in French)
"En trois ans le budget du ministère italien de la culture a été réduit d'un tiers" (in French)
Cultural Budget in Europe 

Eastern and Central Europe

Website of the Visegrad Group countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Republic of Poland, Slovak Republic) 
Entrepreneurship Education in Eastern Europe
Expert: Eastern Europe 'way ahead' in entrepreneurship education
Entrepreneurship Education for Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe
Entrepreneurship in Romania

Scandinavian model

Arts and Cultural Education in Norway, Ann Bamford
Cultural Policy and Budget in Sweden 
Cultural Policy and Budget in Norway 
Cultural Policy and Budget in Finland 
Cultural Policy and Budget in Denmark
Cultural Entrepreneurship in Sweden 
Lab For Culture

On Entrepreneurship and Related Documents

Definition of the Creative Entrepreneur

The Transition Weavers, a network to facilitate transitions within academia and industry 
Handbook for Work placements in Higher Music Education in Europe, Raffaele Longo (AEC Handbook, 2010)

Additional Examples of Entrepreneurial Models

The Vegetable Orchestra 
Arco Baleno ensemble
The Real Band: network of music academies for the advancement of talented musicians
Amarcord Wien
The Game Industry in Finland

North American Perspectives

Music Career Network NETMCDO : sign up to participate in the group's often lively and informative discussions

Astrid Baumgartner Blog on the lifelong journey of music entrepreneurship
Steve Blank Blog on Entrepreneurship: How to think like an Entrepreneur: the Inventure Cycle (9/9/2014)
Arts Journal Blog: "Defining Entrepreneurship in the Arts"
Arts Journal Blog: "Entrepreneurial resolve"
Fear...and Entrepreneurship, Jeffrey Nytch
Just Start, by Len Schlesinger, download 1st chapter

A Few Examples of Entrepreneurial Training:
- Manhattan School of Music, Centre for Music Entrepreneurship
- Berklee School of Music, Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship
- New England Conservatory, Entrepreneurial Musicianship
- Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, Institute for Music Leadership, Center for Music Innovation and Engagement

A young U.S. composer's blog
The mechanics of crowdfunding
The U.S.-based Future of Music Coalition's ongoing study of musicians' revenue streams