Seeing the Bigger Picture

Rapidly changing technologies and a globalized world in which traditional industries no longer provide sufficient employment have led to the development of alternative industries, with a notable shift towards services and innovation. ‘Creative communities’ and the creative industries are thus now seen as key objectives in European Union policy. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset and ways of working are now considered essential to the arts and cultural sectors. Above and beyond their direct contribution to economic value, creative industries are seen as important drivers of economic and social innovation in other sectors as well.

How can creativity and artistic ways of thinking and endeavour be harnessed to foster economic and social innovation?

Much as the creative arts stand to learn from commerce, business processes can be helped immeasurably by creative thinking at work in the creative industries. Artists can contribute by sharing their knowledge and experience, for example through improvisation, creative deliberation, creating awareness of commonalities in all professional fields, and through interdisciplinary approaches capable of revealing new perspectives.

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