Information for Heads of Institutions


AEC began as an association that fostered links between heads of institutions, enabling them to share the issues, both internal and external, that affected them as institutional leaders.  This aspect of the Association's role and character remains central to it, despite the important expansion that has taken place in the range of staff - and, more recently, students - who are drawn into its activities.

Member institutions of the AEC are represented by the head of the institution or by any offical representative that an institutional head may wish to nominate. The Annual Congress of AEC is the event primarily aimed at heads of institutions. Each year, it attempts to address issues that institutional heads will find especially relevant. Other sessions seek to keep heads of institution informed about developments in European higher music education and, where relevant, about major projects that AEC is taking forward.

Within the Congress the Annual General Assembly takes place, enabling the membership to influence the working of the Association and to determine who should be elected to vacancies that occur on Council.

AEC is continuously looking for members interested in serving on its Council and Executive Committee.  Because of the need to maintain a balance of countries and regions of Europe across these bodies, it is important that fresh candidates can be found. Notice of the vacancies arising each year are published along with general details of the Congress and General Assembly; however, it is not necessary to wait until an appropriate vacancy is advertised to express an interest in serving in this ways. Any institutional head who might be considering putting him- or herself, or a suitable colleague, forward as a possible candidate is warmly encouraged to contact a member of the current Council or the AEC Chief Executive to discuss this.