New Standard forms


The European Association of Conservatoires (AEC) has developed several standard forms that can be used by institutions for the organisation of student and teacher exchanges for professional music training all around Europe. International Relations Coordinators are encouraged to use these forms in order to achieve a higher level of comparability and usability of such form in exchange activities. The forms are based on the models for ECTS forms provided by the European Union, but have been adapted to the needs of institutions for professional music training engaged in ERASMUS exchanges. These adapted forms have been discussed and approved by the relevant authorities at European level dealing with ECTS; the forms are therefore fully recognised in the framework of applications by institutions for the ECTS-label. Please note that these are sample forms only: institutions can use these forms as templates and add institutional logos and institution-specific information. However, the information and set-up of the forms in general should be maintained as much possible.

All agreements and mobility forms: Interinstitutional Agreement (IIA), Learning Agreements for Studies and Traineeships (LA), Staff Mobility Agreement for Teaching (STA) and for training (STT), and Student Application Forms can be signed digitally, circulating papers with original signatures is not compulsory. Scanned copies of signatures or digital signatures may be accepted, depending on the national legislation.        

 The NEW AEC standard forms are available for download here: