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The AEC Project aimed at creating a European Online Application System (EASY) for mobility among higher music education institutions is now entering its third year of operation. During the first pilot year the system has been tested by 41 committed AEC member institutions. During its second year, the number of institutions joining the system went up to 67 exchanging more than 3.000 applications within and outside the system.  In its third year EASY is aiming at expanding to more AEC members and also to Art Academies willing to use this tool for exchanges in dance, theatre, fine arts, design and architecture.

AEC member institutions interested in joining the project are asked to pay a contribution in order to cover the 'service fee', which is related to the actual use of the system. While in the first year an equally flat rate was asked to all pilot institutions, the fee structure of the second year changed in order to reflect the complexity and the costs of the project but also to respect the diversity of the AEC members joining the project. In this third year the fee structure has been kept but amounts have been lowered to encourage more institutions to apply.

Please find HERE the link to the EASY website

More information about the project? Please click HERE

CRITERIA for EASY fees Calculations:

In year 3 there will be 3 different fee levels for institutions joining EASY:
Category 1: 900 euro
Category 2: 700 euro
Category 3: 550 euro

Institutions will be placed into a category according to 2 criteria:
  • Mobility numbers (total number of applications)
  • Geographical position 
Mobility Numbers 
Mobility Group 1) more than 80 applications (incoming and outgoing)
Mobility Group 2) between 40 and 80 applications (incoming and outgoing)
Mobility Group 3) less than 40 applications (incoming and outgoing)

Country Groups:
Country Group A) Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Ireland, Iceland, Belgium, Finland, UK, France (coefficient +1)
Country Group B) Italy, Israel, Spain, Cyprus, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Latvia (coefficient 0)
Country Group C) Slovakia, Greece, Poland, Kazhakstan, Russia, Croatia, Romania, Turkey, Belarus, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania,  Egypt, Bosnia Herzegovina, Armenia, Georgia (coefficient -1)

The coefficient is applied to upgrade or downgrade an institution from one Mobility Group to another according to its geographical position
+1 upgrades to a higher Mobility Group
0 stays in the Mobility Group corresponding to its mobility numbers
-1 downgrade to a lower Mobility Group

N.B.: Please note that this is an annual fee and applies for the academic year 2017-18.

Final Categorization

  Mobility Group 1
80 + Applications
Mobility Group 2
40 to 80 Applications
Mobility Group 3
Less than 40 Applications
Country Group A 900 euro 900 euro 700 euro
Country Group B 900 euro 700 euro 550 euro
Country Group C 700 euro 550 euro 550 euro

Please CLICK HERE for a full explanation of the Criteria used to calculate the fees to join EASY in 2018-19