Confirmation of Participation a.y. 2018-19 - EASY Internal Institutions



CRITERIA for EASY fees Calculations 2018-19:

In year 3 there will be 3 different fee levels for institutions joining EASY:
Category 1: 900 euro
Category 2: 700 euro
Category 3: 550 euro

Institutions will be placed into a category according to 2 criteria:
  • Mobility numbers (total number of applications)
  • Geographical position 
Mobility Numbers  - for EASY Internal Institutions mobility numbers are calculated based on the applications exchanged by each institutions within EASY during the a.y. 2017-18
Mobility Group 1) more than 80 applications (incoming and outgoing)
Mobility Group 2) between 40 and 80 applications (incoming and outgoing)
Mobility Group 3) less than 40 applications (incoming and outgoing)

Country Groups:
Country Group A) Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Ireland, Iceland, Belgium, Finland, UK, France (coefficient +1)
Country Group B) Italy, Israel, Spain, Cyprus, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Latvia (coefficient 0)

Country Group C) Countries not yet in EASY: Slovakia, Greece, Poland, Kazhakstan, Russia, Croatia, Romania, Turkey, Belarus, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania,  Egypt, Bosnia Herzegovina, Armenia, Georgia (coefficient -1)

The coefficient is applied to upgrade or downgrade an institution from one Mobility Group to another according to its geographical position
+1 upgrades to a higher Mobility Group
0 stays in the Mobility Group corresponding to its mobility numbers
-1 downgrade to a lower Mobility Group

N.B.: Please note that this is an annual fee and applies for the academic year 2018-19.

Final Categorization

  Mobility Group 1
80 + Applications
Mobility Group 2
40 to 80 Applications
Mobility Group 3
Less than 40 Applications
Country Group A 900 euro 900 euro 700 euro
Country Group B 900 euro 700 euro 550 euro
Country Group C 700 euro 550 euro 550 euro

Please CLICK HERE for a full explanation of the Criteria used to calculate the fees to join EASY in 2018-19