Les Objectifs pédagogiques de l’AEC 2017

Learning outcomes are statements of what a student is expected to know, understand and be able to do at the end of a period of learning. The AEC has developed learning outcomes specific to higher music education. These AEC Learning Outcomes were developed across several years and have been revised in 2017 in the framework of the FULL SCORE project.

The publication presents the AEC Learning Outcomes 2017 in three separate tables: one with learning outcomes for Bachelor level, one for Master level and one for Doctoral level. In addition, the publication offers information about the benefits of using learning outcomes for all stakeholders - students, teachers, institutional managers and employers - as well as further information about the structure of the AEC Learning outcomes 2017 and their relation to the Polifonia Dublin Descriptors.

Should you like to share any feedback or questions concerning the AEC Learning Outcomes 2017, or request a printed copy of the publication, please contact AEC project coordinator Jef Cox at jef.cox@aec-music.eu.

More detailed information about the FULL SCORE Learning Outcomes Working Group and the revision process can be found in the AEC Learning Outcomes. Background to the 2017 Revision Process document, which is available for download here.