Opera out of Opera

Opera out of the Opera, is an audience development project, that will last from September 2018 to April 2020. It is carried out with funding from the Creative Europe Programme.

Opera out of Opera aims and objectives

The project will be focused on audience development, bringing Opera out of the Opera, spreading its knowledge and developing new public (young people). It will combine in an innovative way live electronics, virtual environments, animated backgrounds with traditional representations and performances, with the aim of creating cheap and flexible representations that can easily be transported and replicable, realizing real-time animations and subtitles.

During the project implementation, partners will define non-traditional location and open air spaces.

Scores will be adapted:
  • Reducing orchestra scores by reducing the number of required musicians and introducing potential computerised instrument in support (bells, woodwinds, percussions in general,.. big size instruments). In this way the orchestra will be more flexible and movable, reducing costs and logistic impact. 
  • Reducing the length of the Opera by making cuts and synthesis, simplifying music interventions, realizing medley also in non-original languages or in more languages. 

Opera out of Opera partners

The project is coordinated by the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia (Rome, Italy) and the project partners:

AEC's role in Opera out of Opera

AEC will be the leader of the Communication and Dissemination Work Package, and will:
  1. Take care of the transnational promotion of the project
  2. Organize networking activity with other initiatives, networks or projects
  3. Organize a dissemination event in connection to the AEC events 2019 in Prague and Turin
  4. Have a dedicated project page on the AEC website
  5. Promote the project on its Social Media (Facebook, YouTube channel)
  6. Design a project logo
  7. Organize one international event