INTERMUSIC: INTERactive environment for MUSIC learning and practising

INTERMUSIC (INTERactive environment for MUSIC learning and practising) is a development project carried out on the basis of a strategic partnership between European Music Higher Education Institutions.

INTERMUSIC objective and aims

The main objective is to create an online shared Platform for the distance learning dedicated to music teaching and practice that will enable modelling and sharing the best training practices for musicians as well as joint courses and online projects. INTERMUSIC will
  • support online synchronous singing, instrumental solo performance and chamber groups classes where teachers and students interact in real time in an audio-video communication environment of the highest quality;
  • use and integrate methodologies and technologies of Blended Learning and Virtual Learning Environments in music higher education.
The available online teachings will be transnational and shared, thus providing with excellent prospects for internationalization. This will also ensure continuity, expansion and innovative development over time.

INTERMUSIC methodology

Distance Learning will be addressed and studied under the technical aspects of its implementation, as well as pedagogy and music related issues. Applied methodologies will be those of experimental research in order to identify the musical and pedagogical implications in music distance learning. Blended-learning methodologies will be analysed as well as protocols and devices for their testing will be created, in the belief that these outcomes may be useful for the development of innovative functions.


The project is coordinated by the Conservatorio di Musica “Giuseppe Verdi” Milan (ConsMi) and the project partners:
  For more information please visit the INTERMUSIC website.