Strand 5: Platform for learning and teaching in music performance education


The Platform for learning and teaching in music performance education aims to be a broad and inclusive network of AEC member institutions developing projects and activities with the aim of investigating, developing and strengthening learning and teaching processes in music performance education across all musical genres.
The Platform will be jointly run by the AEC, as part of its new project Strengthening Music in Society (AEC-SMS) and the Norwegian Academy of Music, through its Centre of Excellence in Music Performance Education (CEMPE). The work will be coordinated by a ‘Learning and Teaching Working Group’ chaired by the director of CEMPE. The platform builds on previous and ongoing AEC platforms and projects, as well as regional projects on learning and teaching from all member institutions.
The central agents of the platform will be the active student learners and their teachers in music performance education. The platform acknowledges the strengths of the century-long tradition of educating music performers. At the same time it needs to be acknowledged that teachers are faced with an increasing array of tasks in their teaching practice, including elements of supervision, coaching, mentoring, assessment, teamwork, artistic research and scholarly work. Developing learning and teaching at the highest level of musicianship and innovating this core by investigating, challenging and developing teachers’ roles as artists, tutors and scholars requires strategic partnerships between the different disciplines of higher music education. It also requires long-term partnerships between higher music education and professional practice.
Central to the work of the Platform will be to provide new learning and teaching models and forms, supporting higher music education institutions in educating creative, reflective and communicating musicians and cultural workers that are able to deal with changing professional contexts.

The Learning and Teaching Working Group

The first task of the working group will be to search for and collect practices on the interaction between students and teachers, student-centred learning methods and collaborative practices aiming at educating creative, reflective and communicating musicians and cultural workers. In addition, the Working Group will define major topics of interest.
The Learning and Teaching Working Group will also be involved in the organization of the meeting of the European Platform for Artistic Research in Music (EPARM) in Porto (2018) in addition to presenting its first results at the AEC Congress in Graz in November 2018.