Strand 5: Platform for learning and teaching in music performance education (LATIMPE)


LATIMPE is a joint initiative launched by AEC and Centre of Excellence in Music Performance Education (CEMPE) at the Norwegian Academy of Music in the framework of the project Strengthening Music in Society (AEC-SMS). It aims to be a broad and inclusive network of AEC member institutions developing projects and activities with the aim of investigating, developing and strengthening learning and teaching processes in music performance education across all musical genres. The platform builds on previous and ongoing AEC platforms and projects, as well as regional projects on learning and teaching from all member institutions.

LATIMPE's goal is to strengthen the ability of higher music education institutions to provide learning and teaching that meet the demands of the 21st century, by active collaboration between students, teachers, and researchers in all relevant fields of higher music education. Through facilitating a platform for collaboration through events, an expert working group and online, LATIMPE aims to: 
  • facilitate institutional networks in the global field of music performance education
  • gather information on and investigate learning and teaching practices in music performance education
  • share knowledge through workshops, conferences, presentations, publications and online media
  • collaborate with existing projects on learning and teaching carried out by AEC member institutions
  • stimultate the development of new projects on learning and teaching in music performance education
The Learning and Teaching Working Group
The Learning and Teaching Working Group (L&T WG) has started working on reaching these goals, and was already involved in the organization of the meeting of the European Platform for Artistic Research in Music (EPARM) in Porto (2018). The members of the group are currently working on:
  • Collecting examples of interesting learning practices aimed at educating creative, reflective and communicating musicians and culture workers
  • Analysing information on the collected practices searching for key ingredients
  • Developing a website for LATIMPE to be launched in 2018
  • Developing a publication on student involvement and collaborative learning and teaching to be published in 2019
Working group members
  • Jon Helge Sætre - CEMPE, Norwegian Academy of Music Oslo (Chair)
  • Stefan Gies - AEC (Co-chair)
  • Lars Brinck - Rhythmic Music Conservatory Copenhagen
  • Marina Chiche - Hochschule für Musik Trossingen
  • Anna Maria Bordin - Conservatorio Paganini Genova
  • Susanne van Els - Conservatorium Maastricht
  • Siri Storheim - Norwegian Academy of Music Oslo (Student representative)
  • Kjersti Johansson - CEMPE, Norwegian Academy of Music Oslo (Working Group Coordinator)

Upcoming Events

The WG will organise the AEC and CEMPE conference Becoming musicians: student involvement and teacher collaboration in higher music education taking place in Oslo, October 24-26, 2018. Other possibilities to see the work of LATIMPE and to meet the WG members are during:
  • a presentation at the AEC Congress in Graz in November 2018
  • a discussion session at the Pop and Jazz Platform meeting in Trondheim in February 2019
  • a session at the AEC Congress in Turin in November 2019

Do you want to get involved, contribute or learn more?

Please contact Kjersti Johansson or Jon Helge Sætre