ECMA PRO – International Career Development and Socially Engaged Outreach in Chamber Music  

The ECMA PRO, following ECMA-Next Step, is designed to enhance development of the already existing set up of European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA) and its sessions. This project is funded by the Creative Europe Programme and proposed by the members and cooperating partners of the European Chamber Music Academy.

ECMA PRO aims and objectives

The general aim of the ECMA PRO project is to support young ensembles in the development of their international careers and develop new performance formats. Furthermore, a long-term goal is to develop and consolidate the function of ECMA as an interlocutor between institutions, ensembles and concert venues.

The overall aims and objectives of the ECMA PRO project are the following:
1. To enhance transnational mobility of artists within the area of chamber music by testing and organising show cases that will support young ensembles with their international career development
2. To strengthen the social relevance and to raise consciousness of the social responsibility of artists as individuals, and to deepen the relationship between musicians and their audience by addressing issues regarding audience development in both traditional and non-traditional performance venues in the area of chamber music
3. To foster capacity building in the area of chamber music with regards to career skills training, education and training, audience development and societal outreach
4. To enhance digitisation and encourage students and teachers to use new technologies by developing an online learning platform for career skills training, a digital switchboard to facilitate contacts between concert operators and chamber music ensembles, and a bank of exercises of educational materials for chamber music education.

ECMA PRO partners

The project consortium is composed of 12 partner organizations: