WG3 Workshop on MusiQuE (Music Quality Enhancement)

Thursday 13th November 2014, 09:00-15:00
Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest, Hungary

Introduction to the topic: 

Since 2008, AEC has been providing an external evaluation service to its member institutions in the form both of its own Quality Enhancement Processes and of joint accreditation procedures carried out in collaboration with national accreditation agencies in Europe. The review responsibility of AEC has been now migrated to an independent review body, MusiQuE, dedicated to the continuous improvement of the quality of higher music education across Europe and beyond. MusiQuE aims, through its accreditation, quality enhancement and advisory services, to assisting higher music education institutions in their own enhancement of quality. 
A pool of peer-reviewers has been launched by AEC in 2012. It was important that the members of the review teams evaluating higher music education institutions and programmes were familiar with the procedures of MusiQuE and trained in order to ensure that the service is delivered in the best way.

Workshop theme:

This session has aimed at offering elements of training and professional development to potential and confirmed Peer-Reviewers. Participants have been encouraged to share experiences via role-playing exercises and have been given information about MusiQuE review procedures and standards. The participation was open to all colleagues - experienced or not - interested in becoming an Peer-Reviewer for MusiQuE in the future or in reflecting on their experience and practice as Peer-Reviewer, as well as all colleagues interested in quality assurance and accreditation in conservatoires.

Who delivered the session?

The workshop has been delivered by members of the ‘Polifonia’ Working Group on Quality Enhancement, Accreditation and Benchmarking. Members of the AEC Quality Enhancement Committee/MusiQuE board were also present.

The workshop report is available here

Practical Information:

Date: 13 November 2014
Place: liszt Academy of Music, Budapest
Registration: Closed