Pre-Congress Polifonia Workshop on Assessments and Standards: exercises and group discussions


Workshop theme: 

The general aim of this workshop has been to offer senior staff of higher music education institutions and those involved in assessment (both as internal and external examiners) a platform to reflect on specific topics around assessment including quality, standards and institutional policy. The workshop has had a dual focus - on developing existing assessment policies within institutions and on exploring ways of calibrating standards across institutions. A check-list developed by the Polifonia working group on Assessment and Standards has lead through the discussion. Participants from the workshop in Palermo 2013 have been invited to rejoin the discussion as well.  

The workshop has been facilitated by the Polifonia Working Group on Assessment & Standards

Preparation for Workshop:


In preparation of the workshop, participants have been invited by email to submit a statement on:
  1. An aspect of their own institutional assessment policy they regard as a strength (maximum 100 words)
  2. An aspect of their own institutional assessment policy they would like to improve (maximum 100 words)
Alternatively if the workshop 2013 in Palermo was attended:
Impact of workshop on pratice in institution/your own assessment practices afterwards (max. 100 words).

Preparatory reading material
  1. Assessment—an ASKe position paper
  2. D. Royce Sadler Assuring Academic Achievement Standards at Griffith University
  3. Admission and Assessment in Higher Music Education - Jeremy Cox
  4. Learning Outcomes & Assessment Criteria - Gosling Moon
  5. Assessment in Music - Donald Lebler 

Practical Information:

Date: 13 November 2013

Venue: Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest
Registration: Closed