Critical Challenges to Bear in Mind

1. Resource Management means knowing what financial expertise is needed and when. Often, assistance in management and bookkeeping is well worth the investment.

2. Public Relations and Marketing  Smartphones, social media, texting, email, twitter and other communication channels make it easy for businesses and individuals to get their messages out, but you need to know which channels are appropriate.

3. Problem Solving and Risk Management Assessing risks associated with both human and financial capital  requires flexibility as well as strong analytical and interpersonal skills.

4. Creating your ”dream team”  When you work in a small environment, each team member is critical to the project’s success, both by the skills they bring and the different facets of the project they represent. Depending on your needs, your skills and financial resources, you will want a business-oriented person, a production assistant, a graphic designer... Good interpersonal skills and a clear definition of  each person’s responsibilities are essential to making the team a viable one.

5. Growing your Project in a Competitive World While getting started may only require buying a domain name and registering online, making your artistic/cultural output a viable one requires a capacity to adapt or modify your project, a focus on maintaining the highest artistic quality and a unique cultural offer.

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