Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas


Address: Sayat-Nova 1a
ZIP, City: 0001 YEREVAN
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Country: ARMENIA
Tel: +37455211113

Yerevan State Conservatory (YSC) after Komitas was founded in 1921 as a music studio and re-founded two years later as a higher musical education institution.
At the beginning of the 20th century, the Armenian professional performing culture was shaped. It was represented by the graduates of Russian and European conservatories. Violinist Hovhanness Nalbandyan, (St. Petersburg Conservatory and Berlin Musikhochschule), singer M.Akimova (Leipzig Conservatory), musicologist M.Aghayan (St. Petersburg and Moscow Conservatories), singer A.Shahmuradyan (Conservatoire de Paris) etc.
The founder and first rector of conservatory was famous Armenian composer and widely educated musician and public figure Romanos Melikyan (Saints-Petersburg Conservatory graduate)
 In 2011, Prof. Shahen Shahinyan was appointed to the post of YSC rector.
Today in the pedagogical staff there are 450 professors, docents, lecturers, assistants.
The YSC is located in the centre of Yerevan, close to Academic opera and ballet theatre and big philharmonic hall.
YSC is four-floor  building, with 450 rooms for different purposes: audiences, classrooms, including two special organ rooms and 12 piano rooms with 2 grand pianos in each, library, reading room, recording rooms, buffet etc.
In YSC there are student council, student symphonic orchestra, chamber orchestras, folk instruments ensembles and folk choir, different chamber music group etc.
In one of the parts of YSC there is Opera studio with big hall (for 275 places), theatre stage, where the students have the possibilities to sing opera spectacles. 
In YSC there are also 3 other halls (80-100 places in each), which are used by students for academic evenings, student concerts, recital etc.
More than 1000 students are receiving their higher music education in YSC and among them more than 120 internationals.
The Yerevan State conservatory is very proud for its diverse international community.
During its existence YSC always had open doors for international students - both from the neighbor countries, as from the abroad.
Today we have really big international community from Russia, Georgia, Iran, Syria, Ukraine, Lebanon, Latvia, Belarus, China, US, France, Germany etc. The population currently comprises almost 130 students. Some of them are representatives of big Armenian Diaspora.
The internationals are involved almost in all disciplines of conservatory. This mix of cultures contributes to the vibrancy of the institution and the sharing of artistic experiences on a grand scale.
From 2011 in YSC we have quality assurance department which is investing European values into our conservatory’s rich traditions.  

  • +Academic Year »
    Start of year: 1st of September
    Start term 1: 1st of September
    Start term 2: 1st of February
  • +Curriculum and Developments »
    Young talent/pre college: Yes
    1st cycle: Yes
    Duration of bachelor: 4 years
    2nd cycle: Yes
    Duration of master: 2 years
    3rd cycle: Yes
    Pop and Jazz Programme: Yes
    Early Music Programme: No
    World Music Programme: Yes
    Pedagogical studies: Yes
    New Technology Studies: No
    If others, please specify: Armenian folk instruments
  • +Exchange Programmes and Information for Incoming Students »
    ERASMUS Code: 933246022
    Other exchange programmes that your institution is involved in: CBHE 573975-EPP-1-2016-1-AM-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP BOOST
    Use of ECTS system: Yes
    Languages of tuition: Armenian, English
    Required language skills: Armenian, English
    Specific requirements for incoming exchange students application (demo, auditions… etc): auditions
  • +International Relations Coordinator (IRC) »
    First name: Tsovinar
    Surname: MOVSISYAN
    Title: docent
    Function: manager
    Phone: +37455002173
    Mobile: +37491389914
    Assistant email:
    IRC workgroup member: No
    Other contact addresses IRC office: