Vienna Konservatorium


Address: Stiegergasse 15-17
ZIP, City: A - 1150 VIENNA
Postal address:
Postal ZIP, City:
Country: AUSTRIA
Tel: +43/19858112
Fax: +43/18922813

  • +Curriculum and Developments »
    Young talent/pre college: No
    1st cycle: No
    Duration of bachelor: No
    2nd cycle: No
    Duration of master: No
    3rd cycle: No
    Pop and Jazz Programme: No
    Early Music Programme: No
    World Music Programme: No
    Pedagogical studies: No
    New Technology Studies: No
    Other partner organizations: No
  • +Exchange Programmes and Information for Incoming Students »
    ERASMUS Code: 0
    Use of ECTS system: No
    Languages of tuition: No
    Required language skills: No
    Course List available also in foreign languages: No
    Fees: No
    Currency: No
    Average cost of living: No
    Insurance: No
    Visa: No
    Time zone: No
    Other relevant information: No