Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris (CNSMDP)


Address: 209 avenue Jean Jaurès
ZIP, City: 75019 PARIS
Postal address:
Postal ZIP, City:
Country: FRANCE
Tel: +33/140404579
Fax: +33/140404651

  • +Academic Year »
    Start of year: 05 September 2016 - 07 Juillet 2017
    Start term 1: 05 September 2016 for dancers ; 19 September for musicians
    Date of exchange application deadline 1: 1 March 2017
  • +Curriculum and Developments »
    Young talent/pre college: No
    1st cycle: Yes
    Duration of bachelor: 3 years
    2nd cycle: Yes
    Duration of master: 2 years
    3rd cycle: Yes
    Pop and Jazz Programme: Yes
    Early Music Programme: Yes
    World Music Programme: No
    Pedagogical studies: Yes
    New Technology Studies: Yes
  • +Exchange Programmes and Information for Incoming Students »
    Other exchange programmes that your institution is involved in: International Credit Mobility and Bi-lateral cooperation with institutions in the USA
    Use of ECTS system: Yes
    Languages of tuition: French
    Required language skills: French
    Specific requirements for incoming exchange students application (demo, auditions… etc): A student application package :Standard Erasmus plus application form;Standard Learning Agreement (please indicate Bachelor or Master level and the student's academic year; in the case of singers, the voice-range);Cover letter in English or in French explaining why the student wants to studyat the Paris Conservatoireand with a specific teacher;Student's CV;Recommendation letter from a teacher or another artistic personalityRecording (of preference a video) of 20-30 minutes containing pieces in different styles with an attestation certifying its authenticity for instrumental players ( required even if the student has made a live audition with the teacher of his choice);A portfolio of compositions for composers;A detailed paper explaining past research work and a project for studying at the Paris Conservatoire for students in musicologyFor jazz students the length of the recording should be 15 - 20 minutes and include : 1. one standard where the student plays the melody and takes a solo on the changes - with a rhythm section or group ; 2. one composition of the student or, in case he/she does not composes, an arrangement of a tune of the student’s choice that could indicate the student’s aesthetic direction - with a rhythm section or group ; 3. a free solo improvisation
    Course List available also in foreign languages:
    Fees: none
    Currency: Euro
    Average cost of living: 1200€ per month
    Insurance: Liability Insurance for all the incoming students ; European Health Card for European National and those studying in European countries
    Visa: Visa mandatory for non European nationals
    Time zone: GMT + 1
    Other relevant information: Erasmus Student Guide avalable from
  • +International Relations Coordinator (IRC) »
    First name: Luca
    Surname: Dupont-Spirio
    Title: Paris
    Function: Director of External Affairs and International Relations
    Phone: France
    Fax: +33/140404651
    Assistant email:
    IRC workgroup member: 315
    Other contact addresses IRC office:
    First name: Sara
    Surname: Belfiore
    Title: International Relations Coordinator
    Assistant email:
    IRC workgroup member: 315
    Other contact addresses IRC office: