Date: 28 - 29 September 2018
location: Royal Conservatoire The Hague (NL)
registration: Wat moet hier ?????
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If entrepreneurs can become presidents, entrepreneurial artists should reach for higher goals. Yet learning to become an entrepreneur is a relatively new subject in arts education. How to implement entrepreneurship teaching in higher arts education?

The RENEW project has addressed exactly this question over the last two years. Is it possible to match the autonomy of the artist with the drive to create opportunities to perform? Or is the soldier in Stravinsky’s tale that exchanges his violin for knowledge that will help him understand his economic future selling his soul to the devil? RENEW is ready to share its findings with the larger community of conservatoires and other arts education institutions during a conference in The Netherlands hosted by the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague on 28 and 29 September 2018.
…What are key components for programs that will teach our students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset?
…What hard skills are needed by the musician that wants to initiate and manage projects successfully?

…How can you launch an independent artistic practice as a starting professional?
Join us in The Hague and find the answer to these and many other questions related to the implementation of Entrepreneurship teaching in higher music education!

RENEW Final Conference
Royal Conservatoire The Hague 28/29 September 2018


Registration time
13.30–14.20 Conference opening

Welcome words by: Henk van der Meulen, principal RC The Hague

Music introduction: Luzifers Traum (fragment) Ivan Pavlov - piano

Dancing with the devil: succesful musicians talking about the "sweet spot" in their practices.
Peppie Wiersma
Barbara Hannigan
Simon Stockhausen
Nora Fischer

First interactive audience session: audience responds to six statements

Moderated by Renee Jonker
14.20- 15.05
Overview of the research done so far in teaching/implementing entrepreneurship courses in conservatoires
  • Diana Tolmie
  • Tanja Orning
  • Gaby Hendrickx, presentation of her research
PresentIntroduction to RENEW - Keld Hosbond 

Q&A moderated by Keld Hosbond
15.05-15.30 Coffee Break - snacks available
Presentation RENEW student bootcamps
  • London – Aarhus film clip- Commented by alumnus Mike McCormick
  • Oslo – Helsinki film clip- Commented by alumna Sofie de Klerk
  • The Hague bootcamp - Commented by Sofie de Klerk
15.55-16.20 Interview Tony Woodcock – RENEW Project external evaluator by Keld Hosborn
Q&A moderated by Keld Hosborn with student panel of the above alumni

Music Performance: 
Three dances with the devil from L’Histoire du Soldat - I.Stravinsky
by Pieter van Loenen -violin, 
Jasper Grijpink -clarinet
and Tobias Borsboom - piano
16.45 Installation Imogen Eve Resta di Darmi / public confessions with madrigals from Gesualdo

concept: Imogen Eve Cooney
electronic music: Siamak Anvari
sound-projection: Marko Uzunovski

Drinks served in foyer/theme: drinking with the devil
19.00 Participants Dinner in Restaurant NH Hotel

10.00- 11.15 Music Introduction

MICHAELS RUF fanfare from DONNERSTAG aus LICHT/Karlheinz Stockhausen performed by students from the Master Aus Licht

Keynote speaker: Food-designer  Marije Vogelzang on teaching entrepreneurship
11.15-11.45 Coffee break
Teacher Training The Hague - Tanja Orning
Participants present outcomes

Q&A by Tanja Orning
12.35-13:50  Lunch

Energizing animation movie of Niels Vermeulen

Presentation RENEW: lessons learned
  • Portfolio method - Astrid Elbek
  • Joint module: Renee Jonker
14:20-15.05 Discussion in groups (participants can choose)
  1. Implementation at BA level 
  2. Implementation at MA level
  3. Implementation in a holistic concept
15:05-15.20 Coffee break

Second Interactive Audience Session

Panel of students and participants Teacher Training responds moderation and conclusion: Renee Jonker

End of conference
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{"label":"RENEW Project Final Conference"}

RENEW Project Final Conference

{"label":"\u2018Entrepreneurship or the sweet spot between the artist and the world\u2019"}

‘Entrepreneurship or the sweet spot between the artist and the world’

{"text":"\u003Cstrong\u003ERoyal Conservatoire in The Hague (The Netherlands) on 28 and 29 September 2018.\u003C\/strong\u003E"}

Royal Conservatoire in The Hague (The Netherlands) on 28 and 29 September 2018.

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Information on Fee Payment

To receive an invoice please send an mail to


Participation fees can be paid the following ways:

  • Manual Payment by Bank Transfer before the event 
  • Ideal, Credit Card, Paypal, Bankcontact Systems Online (in the registration form)
  • Manual Payment (cash on the spot in The Hague)
  • Manual Payment (by Credit Card in the Hague) 

Amount of the Registration Fee (per person)

Category For Registration and Payment made by 3rd September For Registration and Payment made after 3rd September 2018
Regular participants (AEC and non-AEC members  100 Euro  130 Euro
 Host institution participants, RENEW WG members ) no fee no fee

The participation fee includes:

• Conference documents
• Participation to all plenary and parallel sessions
• Participation to the networking moments
• Possibility to display information brochures posters and materials about AEC members institutions
• Coffee Breaks
• One organized Dinner (Friday 28th)
• One organized Lunch (Saturday 29th)
• Concerts organized by the hosting institution
• Assistance by the AEC Office Staff

The participation fee will not be reimbursed for cancellations notified after August 15th

Bank details for payments by bank transfer

Bank: BNP Paribas Fortis
Account Holder: AEC-Music
IBAN: BE47 0016 8894 2980

When making the transfer, please clearly quote:

• Invoice number
• the code of the event (RENEW2018) and
• the last name of the participant
• the name of your institution (if fitting)
Example: RENEW1018, Smith, Gotham Conservatory
For teachers who will attend both the teacher training and the final conference: these are held on different locations so keep that in mind when booking your accommodation.

RENEW Final Conference (Friday 28 and Saturday 29 September)

Venue: Royal Conservatory of The Hague
Juliana van Stolberglaan 1, 2595 CA Den Haag, Netherlands
Please book in one of the following hotels recommended by the hosting institution.

RENEW Final Activities: Teacher Training
Venue: Kranenburgweg 203
2583 ER Den Haag, Netherlands

Please see our list of reccomended hotels.