Date: 18 August 2017
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Aim, Objectives, Priorities and Target Groups of EPARM

Aim of EPARM:

• To create environments for sharing and discussing work at the forefront of artistic research in music, helping to focus and coordinate activity, enhance quality and raise the profile of this emerging branch of musical research.

Objectives of EPARM:

1 – in relation to artistic research
  • To provide a European forum and network for information exchange about developments across the whole spectrum of artistic research in music.
  • To support institutions and individuals across Europe who are working to develop concepts, principles and practices of artistic research in music.

Objectives of EPARM:

2 – in relation to programmes in higher music education
  • To provide a ready platform for advice relevant to institutions across Europe that wish to introduce or develop further programmes involving artistic research in music, especially at third‐cycle level.
  • To develop a Europe‐wide network of experts able to act as counsellors or external specialist examiners for programmes involving artistic research in music.

Objectives of EPARM:

3 ‐ in relation to the wider academic and professional world
  • To encourage the expansion of awareness and understanding across Europe and beyond concerning the nature and the forms of output of artistic research in music, and to communicate this understanding to those working in other artistic and scientific disciplines and to artists working in the professional world.
  • To create public channels of communication which articulate how the outcomes of artistic research in music may contribute to the unique cultural capital of the European Space and help to stimulate and enhance professional activity and employment.


  • To draw together within a network the currently dispersed and disconnected research‐loci for artistic research.
  • To open up this unifying framework to all potential European stakeholders with an interest in artistic research.
  • To stimulate synergies and potential cooperation between institutions and individuals engaged in the development of artistic research.

Target Groups I:

  • Individuals [instrumental teachers in conservatoires] and institutions already producing and/or supporting artistic research (in this context, artistic research is seen as a concept of research where the artist makes the difference. It concerns research conducted from the artist’s perspective.)
  • Institutions wishing to introduce artistic research, whether in the context of Third‐Cycle programmes, research undertaken by staff or both.

Target Groups II:

  • Individuals [free‐lance musicians/professionals] in and outside institutions wishing to gain a better understanding of artistic research.

For any further information or to request any further material such as power-point presentations delivered during the event, please contact AEC Events Manager Sara Primiterra.

European Platform for Artistic Research in Music (EPARM)

“Sounds, Searchings, Sharings: Towards a Common Platform for the Development and Dissemination of Artistic Research in Music”

Faculty of Music, University of Arts Belgrade
8-10 April 2011



AEC European Platform for Artistic Research in Music

Fuelling Creative Enquiry:
sources and resources for artistic researchers

Academia Belgica and Conservatorio Santa Cecilia
Rome, 10-12 May


Second Meeting of EPARM

European Platform for Artistic Research in Music

Between Madness and Method: the research dimension in creativity and the creative dimension in research

Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse, Lyon
18-20 April 2013




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