AEC European Platform for Artistic Research in Music (EPARM) Working Group

The European Platform for Artistic Research in Music (EPARM) Working group is responsible for organizing the AEC Annual EPARM meeting.  The Working Group (WG) is formed by coopting active individuals in the relevant field of specialization within AEC member institutions. Proactivity, as well as geographical and gender balances are the applied criteria to guarantee the diverse and dynamic character of the group, who should ideally recreate the diversity of AEC members institutions.

Working Group Members:

  • Stephen Broad (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow) - Chair
  • Sara Primiterra (AEC Office) - Coordinator
  • Leonella Grasso Caprioli (Conservatorio di Vicenza)
  • Kevin Voets (Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen)
  • Henrik Frisk (Royal College of Music Stockholm) - until April 2020
  • Lina Navickaitė-Martinelli (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius)
  • Matthias Hermann (Musikhochschule Stuttgart)
  • Wei-Ya Lin (MDW Vienna)  - from April 2020
The objective of this AEC Working Group which was founded in 2011, is to promote Artistic Research activities at Higher Music Education institutions (HMEIs) through:
  • creating environments for sharing and discussing work at the forefront of artistic research in music, helping to focus and coordinate activity, enhance quality and raise the profile of this emerging branch of musical research;
  • providing a European forum and network for information exchange about developments across the whole spectrum of Artistic Research in music;
  • supporting institutions and individuals across Europe who are working to develop concepts, principles and practices of Artistic Research in music;
  • providing a ready platform for advice relevant to institutions across Europe that wish to introduce or develop further programmes involving Artistic Research in music, especially at third-cycle level;
  • developing a Europe-wide network of experts able to act as counsellors or external specialist examiners for programmes involving Artistic Research in music;
  • encouraging the expansion of awareness and understanding across Europe and beyond concerning the nature and the forms of output of Artistic Research in music, and to communicate this understanding to those working in other artistic and scientific disciplines and to artists working in the professional world;
  • creating public channels of communication which articulate how the outcomes of Artistic Research in music may contribute to the unique cultural capital of the European Space and help to stimulate and enhance professional activity and employment;
  • stimulating synergies and potential cooperation between institutions and individuals engaged in the development of Artistic Research.
The EPARM WG's activities address the following target groups:
  • Individuals (instrumental teachers in HMEIs) and institutions already producing and/or supporting Artistic Research;
  • Institutions wishing to introduce Artistic Research, whether in the context of Third-Cycle programmes, research undertaken by staff or both.
  • Individuals (free-lance musicians/professionals) in and outside institutions wishing to gain a better understanding of Artistic Research

The EPARM WG is composed of up to 8 representatives of AEC member institutions plus one student representative who will be selected based on a separate call.
Activities and tasks of the working group will include the preparation of the annual EPARM meeting taking place in March/April.


AEC invites its member institutions to suggest candidates for the EPARM working group by 20/11/2019!
AEC is looking for individuals who are:
  • engaged in and contributing to further developing Artistic Research at their home institutions
  • HME Teachers as Performer / Composer
  • holding a PhD or a doctor's degree
(At least 2 out of these 3 criteria must be fulfilled)

Click here to read the terms of reference of the EPARM working group