DATE: 14-03-2019

Year 2 of AEC-SMS has taken off with events, meetings and a new working group!

The second year of the SMS project has taken off with a contribution of the Learning and Teaching Working Group and Diversity Working Group to the Pop and Jazz Platform in Trondheim, and the IRC Working Group has met in Prague to prepare for the IRC meeting of this year. The AEC events are an important way for our community to stay informed about the project. Next to the PJP and IRC, the AEC community will be updated about the SMS project during the AEC Annual Congress in November in Turin. During this year’s Congress, there will be a large contribution from the Entrepreneurship Working Group and the Digitisation Working Group.

AEC members will also soon benefit from the work of the newest working group. The working group Music in Society has been established in January and will work on the social responsibility of the artist and on the political responsibility that governments have towards arts education. The working group will create the connection of the sector with the society, for example by developing an advocacy toolkit for AEC and its institutions. This way we can all work together towards strengthening the relevance and impact of Higher Music Education in society.

If you think you have a project, case study or ‘best practice’ to share with the wider AEC community that could contribute to the SMS project, the working groups would love to hear from you.
If you have nothing to share at the moment but you are still interested in the progress of the project, please read more on our social media and on the SMS section of the AEC website