DATE: 26-06-2019

Tuning in! project

The training program “Tuning In! Routes to a Career in the Music Sector” is a cooperation of MDW – University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna and the Austrian Music Information Center (mica), funded by the European Union. The project aims to equip graduates and senior students of European Higher Music Education Institutions (HMEIs) with the skills and knowledge needed to develop and grow their careers as musicians in a rapidly changing professional environment.
Tuning In! will provide musicians in the early stages of their careers with essential resources such as strategic networking and self-reflection, business and management skills, and both self-marketing and self-presentation methods. During three in-person teaching modules, the participants will acquire basic entrepreneurial skills, develop their personal career road maps, and start implementing these in individual steps. The workshops will be accompanied by an e-learning platform and complemented by digital hangouts for sharing knowledge and experiences with other musicians. An international mentoring program will offer participants to discuss their visions and plans with an individually chosen mentor, who is an internationally experienced musician or other type of protagonist in the music sector.
Lecturers will be international as well as Vienna-based experts, such as internationally acclaimed actress and trainer Michaela Rosen and the expert on European music markets Peter Tschmuck. The programme will also offer the possibility of extensive networking with internationally experienced musicians and participants will establish and foster their own transnational networks.
In-person teaching modules will take place in November 2019, and January and February 2020. Participation will be free of charge and the participants' travel expenses and accommodation will be covered by the project.
The call for applications will open soon and the application deadline is 8 September 2019. Look out for updated information at the MDW project website.