DATE: 29-06-2020

The Conservatorio di Milano reopens its doors with safety measures

The Conservatorio di Musica “G. Verdi” in Milan, Italy, one of the first conservatoires in Europe to close down because of the pandemic crisis, reopened its doors on 3rd of June after 3 months lockdown. The Italian Minister has given the permission to deliver in presence one-to-one and small group lessons, but also to let students access the Conservatoire’s rooms to practice.

Cristina Frosini, Director of the institution, explains in this video how the facilities have been equipped and re-arranged: social distancing, body temperature measurements, masks, self-declarations and polycarbonate panels have been put in place to comply with the safety regulations.

While the regulations foresee 1.5 meters distance, the conservatoire’s management decided to keep 3 meters distance and only use the biggest rooms and halls of their premises. The use of the spaces is subject to prior reservation and every hour the staff ventilates rooms, sanitises keyboards, and cleans floors of rooms used by wind instrumentalists.

While during the lockdown the Conservatoire managed to deliver 100% of their courses online, more and more students and teachers are expected to go back to the Conservatoires in the coming weeks.
On 21 June the Conservatoires started its usual Cloister Concerts Summer Season that will resume on 16 July with a performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons by the conservatoire’s students, who will play on the period instruments of the house collection.