DATE: 24-10-2018

Student Working Group is looking for a new member

The AEC is launching an Open Call for students interested in participating in the Student Working Group in the framework of the AEC-SMS Project. AEC invites its member institutions to suggest candidates for the Student Working Group and students from member institutions to apply.

The Student Working Group (SWG) consists of seven students. AEC seeks for its balanced composition in terms of geographical origin, expertise in genre, study subjects and gender. At this moment, 1 out of 7 positions in the SWG is open for candidates. As the current members are representing the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Denmark, Norway and Spain, applications from those countries will unfortunately not be taken in account.

Please click here for a brief presentation of the Student Working Group.
Please click here for the terms of reference.

Applications are open to students who are currently enrolled in an AEC member institution. Regarding the current group composition and in accordance with the terms of reference of AEC WGs, applications from eastern and southern European countries are in particular welcome. The Student WG is moreover keen to strengthen the perspective of students who are enrolled in a jazz and pop or equivalent study program. Finally, as students will be part of both the SWG and another AEC-SMS working group, students with affiliation to digitisation and the objectives of the Digitisation WG are encouraged to apply. Nevertheless, these elements are not mandatory requirements to be eligible.

Ideally, SWG members should:
  • be proficient in English
  • be involved or have been involved in the student association/union/other equivalent body in their institution and, as a result, be experienced in representing other students in decision-making processes
  • be critical, solution-oriented and open-minded
  • have had experience abroad (project, course, ERASMUS year, etc.) during their studies
Applications should be sent by email to the AEC Office at latest on 30th November 2018 (to the address and include the following documents in electronic form:
  • The candidate’s CV and motivation letter
  • A letter from the legal representative of the institution confirming the institution’s readiness to enable and recognize the participation of the candidate (if she or he is selected) to the WG in line with the terms of reference that have been published
After an initial selection, Skype interviews might be held with the selected candidates. The final decision on an appointment is made by a selection committee, consisting of members from the SWG and the AEC Office. Should the candidate require support with the application process from the current SWG members, please do not hesitate to contact them at