DATE: 28-05-2019

Strengthening Music in Society (SMS) update

Expertise brought together in Riga: working groups collaborate at the SMS Network Meeting

From 1 to 3 May, all working group members involved in the project Strengthening Music in Society came together in Riga for a Network Meeting. Having sixty experts (on entrepreneurship, diversity, learning and teaching, digitisation, students, early childhood music education, music in society and internationalisation) exchange ideas, create connections and collaborate on new topics led to immense progress on the project and the AEC members will soon enjoy its results. In Riga two new aspects of the project were presented: the Music in Society Working Group (WG) and a new publication platform.

Where to benefit from its outcomes

During the next AEC events participants can benefit from the work prepared in Riga. At the IRCs Meeting you can enjoy contributions from the Diversity WG, the Student WG and the Learning and Teaching WG. Next to contributing to the work of other WGs synergies were also formed on new topics:  Music in Society WG, Diversity WG, Learning and Teaching WG and Students WG all took part in a discussion on Power Relations, giving it more precedence in the AEC, leading to new approaches which will also be shared at the AEC Congress.
Additionally, you will soon be able to connect and benefit from the SMS project even in your own institution. At the end of the summer an online publication platform will be launched, enabling every AEC member to find the latest work on entrepreneurship, best practices to increase access, insights from International Relations Coordinators. By making everything available online the WGs hope to inspire you to use it directly in your policies, curriculum design, classes and research projects.

Connecting the dots: the role of WG Music in Society

In Riga, everyone met with the newest working group of SMS: Music in Society WG. This group, chaired by Helena Gaunt, will further establish the connection between the different working groups and the connection with the overall topic: strengthening music in society. More importantly, the group will also establish a link between the AEC members and the work in the project.