DATE: 12-06-2017

STATEMENT OF LISBOA "What kind of cooperation for culture?"

A few days ago LIKE was in Lisbon for the second act of its [R]evolution : La Rencontre de Lisboa - What kind of cooperation for culture?
With more than 60 participants of 15 nationalities, 18 high-profile speakers (including the Minister of Culture of Portugal and the Vice-President of the Committee of the Regions!), 8 presentations of projects and 2 presentations of cultural strategies by the City of Lisboa and the City of Almada, two members of its networks, LIKE is very thankful to all those who have made this event a true success. 

La Rencontre de Lisboa has demonstrated the need, logics and added-value of European cultural cooperation, and LIKE is looking forward to continuing this first step with further common reflections and projects. As you will read in its Statement of Lisbon below, LIKE wants to put cooperation back at the heart of its work - and the ways in which its network will be engaging with cooperation in the future will be further discussed during our General Assembly in Berlin. Just a short reminder : in Berlin, its members will be called on to express their wishes with the future roadmap of LIKE (2018-2020), and will be expected to vote accordingly for the renewal of our Board. Before so, there are still 3 remaining [R]evolutionary events: Le Rendez-vous de Leeds, at the end of this month; Le Rendez-Vous d'Aarhus, mid-September, and Le Rendez-vous de Paris, in October. Chairman, Board members and the team of LIKE. 

Please see the whole statement in the document below.