DATE: 26-06-2019

Project news: INTERMUSIC

The sixth transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project INTERMUSIC, led by Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi di Milano, was held at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in Vilnius on 27-28 May 2019. This was the last meeting prior to the official launch of the INTERMUSIC Online Platform (planned for September 2019) which will host three blended pilot courses co-organized by project partners:  Music Theory and Composition, Practice of Online Chamber Music and Mastering Voice Literature in Original Languages.
As far as research activities are concerned, the project's first year activities ended with the publication of research papers on the nature of music interaction with physical presence and at a distance: 
Other articles on the topic are expected to be produced during the second year of the project.
For more information on project please visit the INTERMUSIC Website.