DATE: 11-02-2021

Polyphonic Performance Spaces Symposium 2021 - artistic research festival (MIXED Live & Digital)

The Royal Conservatory of Brussels, in cooperation with the Brussels Arts Platform, will host the third edition of the Polyphonic Performance Spaces Symposium (PPS), an international festival of researchers and PhD students.

Different topics ranging from music in a digital reality, the reconfiguration of musical instruments, the current state of historical performance practice, and music as ‘the art of time’ will be covered through lectures, workshops, discussions, concerts and installations. During this symposium, researchers from the Conservatory and (inter)national guests will present their own artistic work and research.

The symposium will take place on 15 – 19 February, combining live and online presentations depending on the event and the date, with mandatory registration for both cases.

To know more about the programme and registrations, please visit the the website of PPS.