DATE: 12-10-2017

Performance Studies Network Conference - Call for Papers

Oslo, 5–8 July 2018

The fifth international conference of the Performance Studies Network will be held at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Slemdalsveien 11, 0363 Oslo, Norway.  This is the first PSN conference to be held outside the United Kingdom and marks an important development in its international status as a key event for those working in this dynamic area of musical study.
The Norwegian Academy of Music is delighted to welcome specialists in performance studies from across the globe to the culturally vibrant Norwegian capital of Oslo and to its campus dedicated to supporting artistic development and research in music.  

The conference Programme Committee is developing an event designed to reflect the core themes of PSN while also showcasing how performance studies are approached and undertaken in the Nordic countries.

Call for papers

The conference organizers would like to invite AEC members for individual papers, research reports and special sessions on any subject in the field of musical performance studies, addressing as wide a variety of topics and methodologies as possible, including (but not limited to):
  • Creative processes in performance: composed/improvised/memorised traditions
  • Perspectives on performance: from composers/performers/listeners and including historical, analytical, psychological, pedagogical and philosophical viewpoints
  • Modes of performance: Notated/recorded/live music including embodied and gestural approaches, the role of technology in experimentation, auditory streaming, visual music, multimedia, social media, intertextuality and intermediality
  • Contexts for performance: performer/audience relationships, community music, music and familiarity, people and places
In addition, the conference organizers invite proposals that harmonise with the following special theme:
‘Lebensmelodien’: A developmental project and performance presentation devoted to novel approaches to Schubert Lieder will be carried out over the course of the Conference.

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Deadline for submission: 30th October