DATE: 15-05-2020

Opera Out of Opera – The Project Explained

The AEC is glad to present a short documentary about Opera Out of Opera -  one of the audience development projects co-funded by Creative Europe and supported by the AEC as a partner.
The project aimed at bringing opera to unusual spaces (airport, beaches, expo halls, shopping malls), to reach new young audiences and foster the European identity by promoting diversity. The project also included a strong digital element by producing an app dedicated to opera with videos, libretto, live streaming and live voting - now also available for non-synchronous interaction (you can find it as Opera Out of Opera on the Apple Store and Google Play).

The project has been coordinated by Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome in cooperation with University Mozarteum Salzburg, Opera da Camara de Navarra in Pamplona, Petit Opera du Monde-Art-On, Athens.