DATE: 15-03-2019

New release of the Harmonium Atlas

After Alexandre Debain introduced the first 'official' harmonium in about 1840, a considerable amount of music was written for the instrument. For numerous romantic composers the harmonium became an effective medium, with its own sonority, specific tonal colour and unique expressivity. Its dynamic range in particular greatly appealed to the romantic spirit of the age. In the Harmonium Atlas the Dutch musician Dirk Luijmes presents a very interesting and representative overview of these composers and their works. More detailed information you can find in the attached booklet and the track list.
We offer Universities, libraries and Music Academies the opportunity to obtain this special edition for the reduced price of € 29.95 (instead of € 39.95; a discount of 25%), VAT included. You can order a copy of the CD-box. Ask for the coupon code by mail to