DATE: 07-08-2017

NEU NOW Announces 2017 Festival Programme

Over the past eight years, The European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) has established the transdisciplinary art festival NEU NOW. The festival features a curated selection of emerging artists entering international art arenas.
This year’s programme brings together exhibitions, performances, installations, films, workshops and artist talks. NEU NOW 2017 will welcome 44 artists from 16 countries presenting 28 artworks.

NEU NOW gallery
At the heart of the festival is the exhibition located in the Machinegebouw at Westergasfabriek. NEU NOW gallery houses 14 artworks from a broad range of disciplines.
On Saturday 16 September at 16.00, you're invited to explore the artistic practices and perspectives through artist talks. The gallery is open every day and free of charge.

NEU NOW outdoors
This year there will be great outdoors with a range of performances and installations.

NEU NOW stage
A multitude of diverse performances will be hosted at Westergastheater. Expect two or more exciting performances daily. From theatre and dance to music and sound, the performances offer a variety of themes and styles. After each performance visitors are invited to join the NEU NOW artist talks.

NEU NOW screen
A film programme at Ketelhuis will feature a compilation of short films of a variety of genres. 

NEU NOW nacht
On the evening of Saturday 16 September, NEU NOW invites visitors to enjoy an artsy late-night party programme hosted by Traffamaffia, with performances, DJ acts, drinks and much more. More details will be announced soon.

For more information about the festival please click here.