DATE: 29-05-2019

Latest news from MusiQuE – Music Quality Enhancement

MusiQuE - Music Quality Enhancement, the Foundation for Quality Enhancement and Accreditation in Higher Music Education continues promoting the new approach to external quality assurance it has developed, called the “Critical Friend Approach”, which increases the relevance of quality assurance processes to students and teachers, develops an on-going quality culture in institutions, and moves quality assurance from a technocratic process to a discourse about the content of the education.

This approach was presented at a symposium on quality assurance in Jamaica, by Peer-Reviewer, Susanne van Els and through an article written by the Chair of the MusiQuE Board published in the special issue of the ASIIN Newsletter dedicated to Trends & Developments in International Quality Assurance.

MusiQuE is currently coordinating and preparing three benchmarking projects, five institutional or programme accreditation procedures, and seven quality enhancement reviews in Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Poland, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Reviews are also being planned in China, Latvia, Belgium, Poland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden and The Netherlands. A detailed overview of the procedures coordinated by MusiQuE in 2019 can be found on the MusiQuE website.

MusiQuE is also busy working on its Strategy Paper 2020-2025 and business plan and on various actions to further improve its procedures and standards. A summary of the latest MusiQuE Board meeting can be found on the MusiQuE website.
Further information can be found on the MusiQuE website or contact us if you have any questions.