DATE: 20-08-2019

Input for the SMS Project: Practices related to the Digital Shift

The Digitisation Working Group is developing an overview on current digital trends in HME, by creating a categorisation of projects and/or practices related to the digital shift that are taking place now. The WG is interested in hearing from AEC members whatever digital technologies are used to enable or enhance the educational experience.  This involves practices ranging from the institutional level (i.e. digital qualification archives, room management, Moodle) to specific learning initiatives (i.e. sharing scores via Whatsapp, using MIDI controllers in class, digital boards, interactive seminars, use of tablets, composing approaches, etc.), and mid-term projects which involve digital use (which could include, but is not limited to, online ‘jam’ sessions, digital synth ensembles, ...).

If you feel that you or one of your colleagues or students would have a practice or project to share, please share or fill in the questionnaire.

The different working groups in the project Strengthening Music in Society (SMS) are all working on delivering outputs that are useful, interesting and inspiring for AEC members to use, while teaching, studying, researching or managing! Often this cannot happen without input that has been gathered from AEC members as well. AEC and its working groups will monitor developments, curate your contributions, gather more best practices and then publish it for the entire AEC community to use. In this way, gathering input and sharing outputs, the SMS working groups ensure the development of Higher Music Education and its network, the AEC.

In addition to connecting input and output with our members, we also involve and connect with many different partners. For example, the Digitisation Working Group is completely coordinated by the EMU, the European Music School Union, and its expert members come from AEC, EMU and also EAS, European Association for Music in Schools. The Learning and Teaching Working Group is coordinated by CEMPE, and both Pearle* and the European Jazz Network are involved in Working Group on Entrepreneurship. Having these diverse groups with different perspectives and backgrounds contributes to the quality of the work and makes the connection in the music sector stronger.