DATE: 26-06-2019

How AEC runs its biggest project: Strengthening Music in Society (SMS)

As you may know, the work of the different working groups of the Strengthening Music in Society Project, are essential for innovation in the Higher Music Education field. It takes also a lot of coordination to ensure that the work of the 60 experts involved in the project reach the objectives and share the outcomes with the wider sector.

In June, the chairs, the working group coordinators and the AEC Executive Committee came together in Brussels to discuss the progress of the project Strengthening Music in Society. These groups together form the Steering Committee (SC) and oversee the overall management and monitoring of the project. Meeting twice a year, the SC reflects on the activities that already took place – such as the Riga Network Meeting – but it also looks forward: the future activities, publications and events will define the impact of the project on the AEC members and its partners.

During this meeting the SC particularly focused on vision for and impact of the project. Having ‘Strengthening Music in Society’ as our main objective, all the different WGs work towards that goal in different domains from diversity to digitisation. By exchanging views, looking for synergies and creating a common vision, the project will become stronger. At the same time, the SC investigated the impact of the project and reflected on the different ways its outcomes can benefit Higher Music Education (Institutions) across Europe and beyond.

Only one week later, the working group coordinators had a meeting, creating a practical implementation plan for the choices made in the SC meeting. The working group coordinators together form the Project Team. This Project Team is composed of members from the AEC office, Ellen Stabell from the Centre of Excellence in Music Performance Education (CEMPE) and Till Skorupa from the European Music School Union (EMU). The project team ensures the practical management of the project, making sure that the meetings and activities take place as planned, and ensuring that strategical choices get a place in the plan of the project programme.

These two bodies, the Project Team and the Steering Committee, take care that the project runs smoothly. If you are interested to know more on how AEC runs its projects, do not hesitate to contact the AEC office for more information.