DATE: 22-07-2019

Expanding the AEC Student Network: Share our work with your students

Within the AEC-SMS project, the Student Working Group has strengthened its position significantly. Having one member from the SWG in all the other SMS-working groups, gives the students a unique possibility to connect the topics and to influence the direction of the project. During the first one and a half years of the project, the SWG has been active in contributing to different conferences and meetings. Our first meeting within SMS, was held at the ANMA-conference in Odense in April 2018, we contributed heavily at the 2018 AEC Annual Congress in Graz and led a student program at the ANMA-conference in Reykjavik in May 2019. This fall, we will be present at the IRC meeting in Prague in September and contribute to the 2019 AEC Annual Congress in Turin with a pre-congress workshop.
Increasing the student participation through these events is very important to us. We clearly see the value of attending these meetings and connecting to us for every student. Being a student representative can at times be both difficult and lonely. The AEC events gives student representatives the opportunity to network with each other, share ideas and challenges, and be inspired to keep up their work and to improve their student representation system. For the same reasons, we constantly work on expanding our network. Our goal is to be in touch with students from every AEC member institution.
Using different digital channels, connecting to as many music students and institutions as possible, we establish a digital forum which shares best practices and can be of assistance to any institution who needs it. This is not a simple job, and we are dependent on the heads of institutions and IRCs to help us in our work. We would like to encourage you to share the channels of the Student Working Group with the students in your institutions. Facebook, Instagram (@AECstudents), web page and e-mail. The more students we are in touch with and can reach with information, the more students will be able to participate in meetings and experience this inspiring community. The invitation for the next AEC Annual Congress is out now, and before the early bird deadline on October 7th, every director can bring one student for free. We hope to see as many students as possible in Turin, and we hope that the AEC community can help us spread the information.