DATE: 21-06-2017

End of the EASY Pilot Project Phase 1!

The EASY pilot project aiming at creating a common European online Applications SYstem for students and teachers exchanges within the ERASMUS and NORDPLUS programmes (EASY) is ending its first phase!

Thanks to the joint effort of the 41 pilot institutions, the working group, the Estonian IT company Dreamapply and the AEC office, the pilot system, first released in January 2017, has been tested, constantly monitored and improved.

In May 2017, AEC launched a survey to both the EASY pilot institutions and AEC members not joining the project. The aim of the survey was to assess the first pilot phase and to gather input for the next phase, aimed at finalising the system. At the same time, AEC started negotiations with Dreamapply about the financial conditions under which the system will be offered to AEC member institutions once it is finalised and fully operational.

The current version of the system, as well as the next steps for EASY, will be presented during the upcoming AEC meeting for International Relations Coordinators (IRCs) in Tbilisi in September.

If you would like to join the system and/or have questions about it, please email the AEC Events Manager Sara Primiterra at