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DATE: 22-05-2020

Raising awareness about students' mental health

For a long time, mental illnesses and mental health have been a taboo subject. Even if they are invisible from the outside, mental illnesses can paralyze and incapacitate a human being, who in this condition could find difficult to complete even the ...
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DATE: 19-05-2020

Survey of Popular Music Teaching in Europe

The AEC is happy to present and support the initiative of researchers from Erasmus University in Rotterdam by sharing with you the Survey of Popular Music Teaching in Europe. It presents relevant information to popular music and aims at ...
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DATE: 15-05-2020

Opera Out of Opera – The Project Explained

The AEC is glad to present a short documentary about Opera Out of Opera -  one of the audience development projects co-funded by Creative Europe and supported by the AEC as a partner. The project aimed at bringing opera to unusual spaces (airpo...
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