DATE: 28-06-2019

Bologna process beyond 2020

The 20th anniversary of the Bologna Declaration has been celebrated in Bologna on 24 and 25 June 2019. Ministers, academics, student leaders, rectors, presidents, European Union dignitaries and bureaucrats came together to celebrate the achievements made towards harmonising European higher education and creating a common European Higher Education Area (EHEA). Lucia di Cecca, AEC Council Member, has attended this meeting.

The AEC will be involved in the preparation of the EHEA Ministerial Conference 2020 in Rome.

Much progress has been made at the system level, 20 years after Bologna, but so far, implementation at the local, institutional level has varied.

During the anniversary, the following topics have been discussed.
  1. Academic and Related Civic Values in Changing Societies
  2. Student-centred Learning
  3. Providing Leadership for Sustainable Development, the Role of Higher Education
  4. The Social Dimensions of Higher Education
  5. Careers and Skills for the Labour Market of the Future 

A session dedicated to the 20 years from the Bologna declaration will take place at the AEC Congress and General Assembly in Turin.

For more information, look on the website of the Bologna Process Anniversary.